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Escrito por Barb from Canada desde ( el día lunes, 28 de mayo, 2007 a las 08:58:24 horas :

We just returned from our fifth visit to Zihua. Like Wallee said, we return not only for the beauty of the bay, but for the local people. My husband says he has made more friends in Zihua than at home. From the maids to the security guards to the restaurant owners, we have many true friends in Zihua. We stayed at Villa El Morro, and would highly recommend it. It is a small hotel of 12 rooms with a gorgeous view of the bay. It is next to Villa Vera Puerto Mio, where we usually stay. I can not say enough about Eduardo and his staff, Juanita, Nestor and Augustine, the night watchman, who gave us spanish lessons each night after our return from town. Yes, there was much more presence of the military in Zihua, but that should only make the tourist feel more safe. In my broken spanish, each night on the way home, as I walked up the road to our hotel, I stopped and conversed with the soldiers. They told me "No problemo tu caminas" and we walked each night, never encountering a problem.
Please visit Mariscos Gallian, right across from the jungle bar and order Miguel's fish fillet in garlic. It is supurb. Josie was playing at Pacallos bar on Friday and Saturday nights. The food is excellant, and as always Josie remains to be a first class guitarist and singer.
Also not mentioned too much on the board, is the Shiva Bar on the Malecon. It is run by two young men, Wallace and Moi. A great place to stop in a have a beer or Margarita.
On Friday and Saturday nights, a young fellow, Pollo, his nickname or Fernando, plays guitar and sings. He is amazing. He knows no english, but can play a mean Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven.
I can't wait until we return in November to spend another 3 weeks in what is truly "Another Day in Paradise."

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