November Trip Report

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Escrito por Craig aka the cruise ship guy desde ( el día domingo, 24 de junio, 2007 a las 16:11:14 horas :

Only 8 months late. Just got back from Puerto Morelos and realized that I never posted anything to webshots. There are a few pics at

Left from Los Angeles on a direct flight and Wolfgang picked us up at the airport. Later we went back and picked up our friend Lisa from Florida. There was a storm and it rained the first night and next morning with some wind. Just enough to screw up fishing for me, the first day out fishing the water was very dirty and fishing was poor. The second day of fishing my son and I went out at 7 then picked up the girls at 10 and trolled to Ixtapa Island. Fishing was so bad we had to buy a Sierra from some commercial pangas but had a very nice time on the island. Ramon Olea is a very good captain but nobody can make the fish bite.

Wolfgang drove us over to Barra de Potosi for a day and we had a great time, hope to go back in July. One the way back we stopped at the Commercial to pick up items for dinner and somehow Wolfgang lost his wallet and spent most of the rest of our trip trying to replace his lost items.

As usual we brought a bunch of school supplies with us and Wolfgang wanted to take them to his maids old school this year. After loosing his wallet it got to be our last full day so Wolfgang gave me his van and Maria went with us to go to her old school. She forgot that school was not open on Friday so we kept on going. Stopped at about 4 other schools and they were all closed. Finally we got to some town named Caliente where school had just gotten out. All the kids lined up and things worked out fine except we lost most of our last day on the beach. We got to Rosy's on La Ropa at about 3:00. This trip I don't think that we are going to bring any school supplies, maybe next time. We plan on checking out the animal shelter instead.

We went to Dona Liche by Plaza Kyoto for chilaquiles at least 4 times, my favorite breakfast anywhere. Made it over to Los Braseros for tacos one night, good but I'm still hoping to find better. For Thanksgiving we started out at the sunset bar at the Catalina Beach Resort and ended up eating dinner there. My wife saw that they were having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner there and had to have it. I laughed at her as I ordered shrimp. Then she laughed at me when I tasted her turkey and dressing, it was very good and I wished that I would have ordered it.

Ate 2 very nice dinners at Wolfgang's, Maria is a great cook. This trip I'm bringing down a Weber BBQ and cooking for them.

Thanks to everyone for all the great tips that I get here. I'm still on a search for the best tacos in Zihua if anyone has any recommendations.

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