Trip Report Day 2

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As I write this on day 3 it is 6 a.m. and not yet a hint of daylight and it is RAININg in La Barra. Thunder all night but also with moderate lightning (note we thunder Thu and Fri night but no rain or lightning) Very cool, light winds. DELIGHTFUL!

Anyway, day 2. Slept in until 10 a.m. and up for coffee and pastry then coffee again with Otto and Andrea, the two love birds.

Playa Blanca is very clean, natural currents I think but no doubt the trash barrels on the beach are also helping, I even used a couple myself.

Walked the beach to a BD part for Bernie (he just turned 39, would you believe it?) at Playa Calle with his friends. Anita of Bunglows Pacifico, Wibka of grupo litori, Manual of Solecito, Claudia and Toby of Don Manual plus 6 or 7 others=sorry terrible on remembering names. BBQ salmon au natural, roasted/baked chicken, hibicus juice, red and white vino, pasta salad, shrimp cerviche, a salad with a base of the the leftover hibicus leaves and several other dishes. Eat your heart out!

Back home, some reading, a rum and coke, quick sandwich and turned in.

Great to have internet while on extended vacation courtesy of Otto's Direcway/HughesNet satellite hook up.

Busy day planned for Day 3, watch waves, listen to rain, read book, eat seafood. Sure, it is tough but somebody's gotta do it!

s/Gringo Viejo

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