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We were in San Miguel de Allende for Dia de los Meurtos a year ago. It as pretty wonderful and very, very moving. All the altars had food and the drink that were meaningful to the deceased along with many personal items and pictures. Amazing that these bottles of tequila or beer or some very fine wine sat out for several days and no one touched them. Forget about animals. No human took any of it. I don't recall so much of the altars at the cemetery but they were there on the streets all over town and in the courtyards of the homes and in businesses. All the gates and doors of the houses and businesses stayed open so you could come in and pay your respects at the altars. The day at the cemetery was something I cannot really describe. I wanted to cry but I saw that there were no tears. Everyone was quiet and grave but no tears. Beautiful flower petal "paintings" on the graves, mariachis playing, families eating and talking together and just tons of people. We watched the families doing the very detailed "paintings" with flower petals knowing that the first wind would take them but the effort was so concentrated eventhough it was so transient. As I said, it's something very, very moving and one of the things in my travels I will never forget.

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