Trip Report, Day 8

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Escrito por gringo viejo desde ( el día sábado, 30 de junio, 2007 a las 18:43:11 horas :

Today I decided to get off my busy schedule and be lazy, reading mostly. Last night to La Barra with A to eat at a new streetside cafe. Took our own wine. A total of 9 BBQ tacos, enchiladas and something else, all chicken=40 pesos (forty pesos) and we were stuffed. Great service, they not only aim to please, they do. BTW, the "downtown" cafes, not the Enramadas, always appreciate a little something for the local church, just say, "por la inglesia", and watch the smiles.

Now back to the real grind. I can't take off from work,, forever because my partner needs support. So nose to grindstone aka fingers to the laptop for most of the next two days.

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