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Escrito por Andrea desde ( el día martes, 24 de julio, 2007 a las 12:55:25 horas :

This being our first time to Z, I am going to call this our testing the waters trip (pun intended). We left our ouse in the wee hours of the 20th and spent the day on planes and in airports (UGH!) Arrived at the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo airport around four PM. We were one of the lucky groups that got stopped at the red light. My daughter Heather was mortified when the official started looking through her unmentionables. :-) We got to Club Intrawest around 5PM and checked in Rene and the crew were very friendly and made us feel at home. When we got to our room which was towards the back of the resort and down a couple flights stairs we were awestruck. The room was way beyond nice. All the shutters were open so we were hit with the beauty of the place as soon as we walked in. As I unpacked, Darrin (my husband) became a big kid and had to get to the beach right away. There was a yellow and black bird that had built it's nest in the tree outside our room and was busy tending to it's brood which I was never able to get a picture of. Those steps that I had heard so much about and quite frankly had me a tad bit nervous (destroyed my knees in a sea doo mishap, and broke my ankle this past new years eve) were no problem and we traversed those stairs many times each day. My daughter said "it would be a great place for a fitness camp". When Darrin got back from the beach we went down to the surf club where Heather had her first legal drink. (Sidenote; Although the property is a non smoking one Rene assured me that you can smoke on your terrace if you so choose). Once we were unpacked we went to the Comercial Mexicana to stock up on supplies, this was very easy to do and we saw some of the people from our flight there as well, everyone was already getting into the "Hey, we're in Mexico. What cares?" kind of mood. After dropping the supplies We went to the Kau-Kan (reservations recommended)for dinner that night around 9PM and had a very nice dinner although a little pricey and my husband felt a little under dressed. The lizards running up and down the walls was very entertaining and the view was incredible. After the long day of travel we drifted off to sleep with the sounds of the waves lapping at the shore and the birds calling to each other from the treetops.

Saturday morning we ventured into El Centro. Took a taxi to Cinco De Mayo and started to venture out into the area. We walked up the street a little ways and saw we were getting away from the street vendors so decided to cross the street and head back the other way. This when we saw the guys with the guns patrolling the streets, a little unnerving and reassuring at the same time. We came across a woman selling sopas and tacos from a little stall across from the craft stalls and tried a couple, MMMMMMM. The chile on them was just right just picante enough to put a slight sheen on your forehead, or was that the humidity? The rest of the morning was pretty much like this, walk a ways, Shop a bit, stop for a cervesa and chat with the people in the area. Repeat several times. One stop was Lillys where we met the owner Hipolito Hernandez and Darrin picked up some of his beloved cuban cigars. When the cigar case was opened the aroma permiated the area and was heavenly. I think D was ready to move to Z right then and there, just for that smell. Another quick stop was at cloud 9 just around the corner from Cinco De Mayo, which also enjoyed very much. By afternoon we were ready to head back to the hotel and lounge in the pool until it was time for our massages on the beach. Poor Heather found out what a tropical drink can do to your stomach, as she had her first case of severe heart burn ever. A doctor came and gave her some presription antacids and she was up and ready to go all over again in an hour. Just in time for her hot rock massage, she was fine for the rest of our trip. Darrin went out on a sea doo while I chilled on the beach and took pictures. The massages were very nice but I suggest that you wander down the beach to one that is not affiliated with a hotel as they are about half the price. The drinks at the surfclub were good and being in the pool while drinking them was great, but they too were a little pricey. Next time we will venture out further and find more places. For some reason (probably the Tequila) we decided it was time to add to D's tattoo collection (gets one almost everywhere we go) alas the artist had closed shop at noon that day and would not be back unitl the next morning, so being the adventurous types that we are we walked around found a great little place for a little dinner and wound up having a GREAT party. Thank god we took pictures to jog our memories of what transpired! Heather was laughing at us and taking blackmail pictures the whole night.

Sunday morning we were awoken to the sound of the trash truck right outside our room. Karma for the night before. Heather decided that we dragged her around enough on Saturday so she was going to sleep in a while and join us at the pool later on. We decided that for breakfast we needed to go down the beach and get our Chilaquiles fix. We found Paty's. As we sat on the beach savoring the breakfast we could not help but think "LIFE IS GOOD". After breakfast we changed and headed down to the pool and relaxed. Heather came down and joined us and they decided that I needed to go out on a sea doo with her. We had fun but my daughter has a favorite term for everything she does "Full Throttle". (Mom gets just a little nervous about this.) Spent the rest of the day in the pool talking to some of the other guests ordering tapas and generally had a really good time. For dinner we decided to head over to La Sirena Gorda, where I ordered the ceviche, green soup with fish and a whole red snapper which Darrin and I shared and thoroughly enjoyed. It started to pour down rain while we were eating dinner and I loved it. After dinner we wandered around El Centro some more did a little more shopping while looking for a taxi back to the hotel. The streets got flooded and the sewage smell was very strong but that's life, you take the good with the bad. Every one else seemed to be taking the rain in stride and just enjoying being out like us so we went with it. Well it was getting late and we still had to repack for the trip home so we called it a night.

Our last morning in Z we had breakfast at ZI and looked out over the bay which was glistening in the morning sun, as we reminisced(?) about the weekend and prepared to bid farewell to Zihua, at least for awhile.

After our short trip we have decided that we will definetly be back and for longer stays and We will definetly try some of the other hotels, I think Catalina may be next. I am going to work on my spanish which got me by but I want to do better than that.

P.S. We didn't have any adverse effects from any of the food or drinks that we had, except Heather's heartburn.

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