Pier Resistance Update - Meeting with Mayor

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-189-147-10-35.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día jueves, 02 de agosto, 2007 a las 15:56:49 horas :

Today about 50 residents showed up for a meeting scheduled with the mayor at noon. As usual there were a few last minute "misunderstandings" about who was supposed to meet with the mayor and how the meeting was to be conducted. We planted our collective feet to demand that he meet with all of us without any conditions, and after an hour and a half wait we finally achieved that goal.

Several regidores (like councilpersons) were present including for Tourism, Ecology, and Development with whom we shared our point of view while awaiting the mayor. All of the regidores assured us that they were on our side.

When the mayor finally showed up 2 or 3 persons in our group made brief statements about who we were, why we were there, and what we hoped to achieve. Then we let the mayor express his official position, which was the purpose of the meeting. In between a lot of political doublespeak for the purpose of the media present, he claimed that he has always been against a new pier in the bay, and that his preference was that it be built at Playa Larga. But he also made a few statements that some of us found unsettling, such as that the bay was not polluted and that he has a commitment to foment economic development and investment as well as to create more jobs, which appeared to be an excuse for allowing this project to get this far in spite of the fact that he is aware of the opposition by most taxpayers and long-time residents to this proposed pier. It sounded a bit like he was making excuses and saying that he could accept a new pier in the bay in spite of his personal position, if the federal government determined that it would have to go in the bay or we would lose the "investment".

However, once he had spoken he tried to rush off, and we all protested this apparent lack of respect on his part and we insisted that he allow us a chance to respond to his comments. After a bit of voice-raising and mild admonitions reminding him of his duty to listen to the people he is supposed to represent the political games ended and he finally agreed to listen.

Just a few people spoke up to make points we have all agreed on and that have been expressed in each of our meetings. I took advantage of the opportunity to brandish your letters in my hand and remind him that we spent millions of pesos attracting all of you to this place and that it would be disloyal to you, our visitors, as well as a foolish waste of money to cause you to choose another vacation destination because of our lack of planning, foresight, and attention to our problems.

Other excellent points were made that basically repeated the points agreed upon in our previous meetings. The conclusion on our part being that we are united in our opposition to the pier and that, if necessary, we would again take to the streets in marches and protests to draw attention to this problem that is being unnecessarily allowed to repeat itself here 3 years after a similar attempt by Puerto Mío to have such a project approved was blocked by united public opposition.

We finally got the mayor to pronounce himself clearly as being against any new pier in the bay, and he said that we could count on his support. That was all we wanted to hear. Now, of course, it is up to us as a community to hold him to his word.

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