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Escrito por pdxSteve desde (?) el día martes, 14 de agosto, 2007 a las 00:00:43 horas :

En respuesta a: sotavento resort escrito por medic2051 desde (?) el día lunes, 13 de agosto, 2007 a las 20:59:36 horas :

We have stayed at the Sotavento a couple of times and love it... we are going back next month (Alaska Air made an offer we couldnít refuse).

The views from the terrace suites are like a postcard. You'll see what I mean when you check in and see the view from the lobby... The rooms and terraces are HUGE.

Most of the furniture and embellishments around the hotel have been hand made on-site in an amazing (now defunct?) wood shop; whoever made the furniture made it to last and it has stood the test of time... Some may be turned off by these old and worn pieces but we find them beautiful and unique to this hotel.

We took our 2 daughters (they were 12 and 14) down there in 2002 and they had a great time, we had no problem with them going to the swimming pool or the beach area (in front of the hotel) by themselves. They could order from the cantina down by the beach and put it on their tab. There are some safety concerns with the stairs (steep with minimum handrails) and overlooks (you can definitely fall!) but we felt more than safe with the staff, service and food (we generally ate breakfast and lunch at the hotel). As you will see, Mexicans value families and love to see families vacationing together.

We did not drink the tap water; we only drank bottle water. Try to get stocked up at the Commercial Mexicana (which is an adventure in itself). This is Mexico and there ainít no A/C, refrigerators, TVís or microwaves..! There are ceiling fans which were more than adequate for us. The ice machine has a filter on it and we did use the ice but just looking at that set up made me suspect of the tap water...

Nightlife (we have found) on La Ropa drops off to nothing by about 9:00 - 10:00 but we don't look too hard.

Chilling after a day on the beach and a great dinner downtown; hearing the surf just makes us want to crash...

IMHO the Sotavento's palapas and beach chairs are the best set up on the best beach in Zihua for a Mexican holiday.

Anyway, I think you made the right choice to experience 'Z' and have a great trip... Write back in January and tell us what YOU think!

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