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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have about this Message Board.

How can I type Spanish accents and characters on my English keyboard?

If you have an English keyboard but would like to be able to type accented letters and other characters used in Spanish, please see the following link for instructions on how to do so.
Learn Spanish: How to Type Accents

How can I search for recent messages or messages by date?

To find messages by date try adding the month (use Spanish months for messages posted after April 22, 2002) and the complete year in the search box (example: noviembre 2004), being sure to have selected "Match ALL words" from the drop-down box. In all the search results even without using the date there should be enough text in the results' descriptions to include the date that any messages from the message board were posted.

If I post my e-mail address will I receive junk mail (spam)?

Not from the webmaster/forum administrator of this site you certainly won't, but it is possible for other people to send you mail that you may prefer not to receive. This is unfortunately becoming more common as people try to gain access to third party computers in order to have them send out their spam mail or attack other computers. One way to prevent your e-mail address from being scanned and added to mailing lists is to insert a term such as "NOSPAM" or "REMOVETHIS" in your address. This will successfully foil e-mail "bots" or "spiders" from gathering working addresses while still allowing readers of this Message Board to e-mail each other by simply removing "NOSPAM" from the address. Another method is to place a space or two in your address.
Examples: (1) webmaster@NOSPAMzihuatanejo.net ; (2) webmaster @ zihuatanejo.net

Can I put html tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You can not use HTML tags in any field except the body of the message. The Forum Administrator has the option of allowing or disallowing any HTML in the Message part of your posting. If it is disallowed, the script will just throw out everything in between the symbols < >. If it is allowed, your html markup will appear in the posting.

Currently most HTML is allowed. If you have any questions about adding photos and HTML tags in the body of your message feel free to ask others on the message board or e-mail the Forum Administrator. An excellent reference source for HTML is The Bare Bones Guide to HTML.

How do I post a link?

Below the area where you write your message you will see where it says "Optional Link". There are two fields you must fill out for your link to work. The first field says "URL". That is where you will post the actual link using the complete Internet address beginning with "http://". The second field says "Title". That is where you give the link a name, or you can simply repeat the address again and the address itself will show up as a link with a blue line under it. Be sure to put something in the "Title" field or else the link will not work.

The Optional Link is for linking to web pages as well as video and audio files.

You cannot link to a file in your computer. It must be uploaded to the internet first and accessible without a password to the general public.

How do I include an image in my post?

Below the area for including an Optional Link is a form field titled "Optional Image Link". This will display an image, either a photo or graphic image, above the message portion of your post. Image files will usually end in ".gif", ".jpg", ".bmp", or ".png". In general, GIF files are used for computer generated graphics and JPG files are used for photos. While BMP and PNG can be used for either type of image (photos or graphics), BMP files are usually very large, and PNG files may not display properly in older browsers. Other formats may not be supported and displayed by all browsers.

As in adding an Optional Link, you must type in the complete internet address of the image file, beginning with "http://". The image file must be already on the Internet and accessible to the general public. You cannot link to an image file in your computer. Panoramio, Photobucket, and Flickr are some of the more popular free photo sharing services where you can upload your image files for sharing with the public. Be sure you link to the image file itself and not the webpage if you want a particular image to show in your message. To see the full URL and file name for any image file (except Shockwave/Flash and other video/movie files) you can right-click on the image in your browser and select "Properties" from the menu. Highlight and copy the URL (usually it will end in ".jpg") and paste it into the field for the "Optional Image Link". If it's a photo and the URL you have does not end in one of the formats mentioned above then it probably isn't the correct URL (unless the file type ".jpg" or similar precedes a question mark "?" followed by some other characters, in which case it should work).

For multiple images you will have to use HTML tags. An excellent reference source for HTML is The Bare Bones Guide to HTML.

Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up, because your browser did not reload the page, it simply pulled it out of cache. Please reload your browser and it should then appear. If you received an error message or were asked for a password then possibly the message board has been turned off to public postings temporarily. Simply submit your message via e-mail to the Forum Administrator or the Webmaster. One common problem preventing people from posting is the use of personal firewall software. Some types of firewalls do not respond correctly to the message board's own security configurations. The remedy for most people has been to temporarily disable or turn off their firewall software for the time they are posting messages.

Why was my post deleted?

The Forum Administrator reserves the right to delete any posted message deemed offensive, argumentative or otherwise inappropriate for this website. Such posts include messages that portray any person(s), business(es), organization(s) or community (-ies) in a manner which may be unfairly detrimental to their livelihood. If your message was deleted and you would like an explanation please contact the Forum Administrator. SPAM, PROFANITY and FLAMING will not be tolerated.

Additionally, in order to keep bandwidth use at a minimum, room must be made for new messages. Older messages are eventually deleted or archived. Long threads are sometimes reduced to remove off-topic or less interesting messages. If your question wasn't answered and was eventually removed as it moved down the message list, please feel free to repost it.

Why did I receive an error message?

This is usually caused by firewall software, often Norton, that conflicts with the message board's own security software. The solution is to temporarily turn off or disable your firewall during the moments when you post messages.

Why was I banned?

Certain words, mostly profanity but also words and phrases commonly used by spammers, trigger an automatic 3-day ban prohibiting the posting of messages by that person for 3 days. Due to past abuse, and to keep the message board inoffensive and readable by people of all ages, it has become necessary to ban the use of certain words. It doesn't always mean that you wrote something wrong, sometimes the error is mine. If you feel that you were banned in error feel free to communicate with the Forum Administrator.

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