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Standing in the street...our middle of 3 streets in La Barra de something you can do in the evening. You don't have to move as there is no traffic. You can just stand there and feel the delicious sea breeze and watch the occasional kids slosh intentionally through puddles on the way to buy a peso's worth of candy at Dona Emi's store which is also a restaurant.

Chayo's little dog hangs out there too. Dona Emi seems proud of that fact maybe because Chayo is her recent competition in the evening restaurant arena...only a few door away.

Other neighbors pass by...walking or on bikes. Polite and humorous chatting flows with their passing, managing to eventually connect a good part of the village in a warm hearted web. Sometimes business is conducted that way though you hardly feel it can be working.

Tonight there was an American couple part of the promenading. They were in that floaty kind of happy stunned look. Said, 'if only they had known...they would have arranged to be here longer'. Next time, I said.

We tried to eat at Chayo's since she is making these incredible things called Huaraches and she lets me choose between about 6 fillings...all delicious. Hand made corn tortillas but they are longish. Sooo good, I abandoned for a little while my determination to not eat the evening meal (la linia, you know).

It's so charming to lie in Chayo's hammock while waiting for the Huarache to be done. Chatting with her meanwhile, getting a little catchup on the gossip, then sit in those little tables on her terrace and eat that hot wonderful "Huarache" with a filling of something like 'mushrooms and potatoes with chorizo' while watching my neighbors pass by.

I was getting a little worried Dona Emi might be getting jealous. (It's hard to slip by her without her seeing me while she is right there at the fire of her chiminea making her pork tacos in front of my house). So tonight when we found Chayo all stretched out in that hammock watching a movie on TV with no apparent indication that anything was fired up on the stove and no tables were set up on the terrace, though I was sad, I decided to put my better side forward and not pull her up out of that hammock.

I told Chayo, 'rest tonight!' (since that was obviously what she wanted to do and was in fact already doing with no real intention to do otherwise...and anyway it was well deserved resting I might add as I hadn't seen her stop in the last three weeks with the restaurant open every night fattening up a few people oneself included.

So at Dona Emi's we grabbed the table with the best view of the fire in the chiminea, the telenovela and the street and were soon joined by a good table filling 4 more and ate those delicious por tacos on handmade tortillas with her incredible avacado green sauce, laughed, ate, found out that Jovani got some government funding to make a shrimp farm with jobs for a group of 28 of the younger fishermen and some other interesting news, ate, laughed some more. The new volunteer librarians from Berlin and Bavaria were at out table and so they got to know some more of the neighbors with all that laughing. We learned a little bit of German only I forgot already. Six of the neighbors asked for a German class which they agreed to give.

Then we stood in the street for some more chatting and I threatened to hold Jorgito hostage until his mother Juani agreed to return my faithless but still beloved cat who had gone to live in their house while I was gone. I finally relented and let go of Jorjito who was laughing because he didn't realize how serious I was. Later Juani showed up at the door with Tango (my cat) who had only lefft me because I forgot to feed him this morning and all was well.

I lost some track of thought except to say that this lovely evening in La Barra...just so typical and ordinary of all our evenings during this slow and rainy season is my very favorite time and serves as a powerful antidote to all the sometimes irritating things, the depressions upon reading the news, electromagnetic pulls into arguments and blackholes of someone else's or my own unfortunate darkplaces virtual or in dreams or occasionally spilling out onto realtime ...

All those things just go away when I am standing in the middle of my street for a couple of hours letting the stream of this little village and it's good food, good people, good moods, happinesses work it's healing powers.

At the moment it is raining again, pouring hard and the surf is angry in the background. All are in their hammocks snug inside while it rains hard now, quiet in the village. The weather seems to know when we should rest.

Tomorrow the sun will be shining and the fishing boats will go out. The ocean will be calm for swimming at the silver pinkish time in the morning. The huevos rancheros and cafe de olla with hot milk will be meltingly delicious at La Condesa as usual.

Hasta pronto amigos,


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