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Yes! They are like little sponges. They absorb with joyous energy whatever we model and teach them (so it better be good!).

It's so much fun and very gratifying to have the opportunity to work with them and our wonderful librarians! - also with their parents and the elders in the village and their teachers to try to build a positive base of love of books and learning for them...inculcating the love of libraries and books for a lifetime.

One of the most gratifying moments yesterday was getting Mauricio (the kids with the 'Teacher as Monster' book on the video and pictured above) to read out loud for me.

He's a 'tough' boy who secretly likes to read. He found the perfect book and was just paging through it looking at the illustrations when I sat next to him and asked him to read to me. I told him I was tired and no one has been reading to me lately and I just wanted to be read to.

I kind of expected him to make a face and leave but instead he actually started to read to me! He read the whole book through and when finished jumped up and ran if in fear of getting caught. I loved it!
The new librarians have such good ideas to add to the program. They thought of suggesting that the kids get a 'special' bag of some kind that would be just for carrying their library books. It was wonderful to see the way the kids responded right away. I see them with their library book bags and their 'new' library book safely tucked in it every day now. Some of them even have specially crocheted bags that their mothers made for them for this purpose!

This is just one little thing that adds for them to the feeling of specialness associated with the library, books and to the learning experience. It also lets us know that their parents are involving themselves in helping their kids to use the library well.

Yesterday they also had a 'contest'. The librarians read a story to the kids. Then they gave a 'test' asking a series of questions about the story. The kids knew ahead of time that the ones who could answer the questions correctly would win prizes. They loved it and listened to the story with rapt attention!

Then the second layer was they drew pictures telling the story or representing the story that was read. All who participated in that got prizes and we now have very interesting paintings of the 'Hombre Mosca'... in the temporary exhibition at the Children's Library for all who may be interested to view it.

We'll have our meetings with the teachers as usual during the next three weeks and our regular schedule will begin on Oct 4th. This year we'll meet also with the parents and members of the community in general...where we can get their ideas and thoughts for best use of the library for their kids and talk about this year's program. We already have some requests from some of the parents.

I'm thinking that we might possibly be able to get another volunteer next year...a third librarian from Germany to add to the crew (maybe a guy prepared to work with the teenaged kids in some environmental type project besides homework help). I hope so.

But for now, I'll be so happy when Fredy actually puts up the missing parts of the fence he promised to put up with some friends (my Compadre El Hueso already planted the posts - the kind that take root and turn into trees with purple flowers!). So after Monday, we can really start getting the garden ready for the Organic Garden Project.

PS: Getting the website back up is on the agenda! I'll announce it on here as soon as we get that up.

Thanks to all who keep up with our project and lend your caring and comments! What a rambling post! Whew.....!Must be nap time!

Hasta pronto,

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