Volunteer Dental Mission Trip to Zihuatanejo

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Escrito por Dr. Doug & Susan Nielsen desde (?) el día viernes, 24 de septiembre, 2010 a las 14:30:14 horas :

Dear Rob,

Our volunteer dental team from Vancouver, BC Canada were very fortunate to have spent the past 2 weeks in Zihuatanejo where we worked with dentists Dr. Oliverio Soberanis & Dr. Azucena Acosta Mena, providing free dental care to the less fortunate children of the area.

Over the past 6 years our dental team has made many trips to Nicaragua & Guatemala, working on children in orphanages and finally setting up a permanent dental clinic in the village of San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala. We have started an organization that loans portable dental equipment & supplies to any dental team wanting to provide free dentistry in underpriviledged areas. Our website is www.TheDentalMissionProject.com

Last year we decided that we would like to visit Mexico. It was through your website that we discovered Dr. Oliverio. We discussed with him via email the possibility of setting up a temporary dental clinic and, in February came to Zihuatanejo to meet Dr. Oliverio & Dr. Azucuna in person.

On September 3rd our team of 7 arrived with all the necessary portable dental equipment and supplies to set up our mobile clinic. However, 5 of our 14 pieces of equipment & supplies remained in Los Angeles airport. Thanks to the generosity and resourcefulness of Drs. Oliverio & Azucena for their ongoing support and the loan of some vital equipment & supplies, we were able to successfully provide the much needed dental treatment to 166 local children and family members. We also brought toothbrushes and instructed the children on oral hygiene. Joaquín González Ramírez of Aguaquin provided us with an excellent working facility in his factory warehouse, keeping us and our patients out of the heavy rainfall. We were fortunate to have a rotation of volunteer interpreters, helping to explain the procedures and relax the patients. These included Abril Acosta Mena, Dr. Felipe Jesús Hernández Acosta, Felipe Acosta Pérez, Erick Urióstegui Rendón, Félix Abraham Torres Rendón and Jenifer Rosas Perez.

Our dental team had a wonderful experience working and sightseeing in Zihuatanejo. The residents were very friendly and we were delighted to be treated to an Independence Day pageant by the students of “Casa para niños del Pacifico” school, organized by principal Marlén Teresa and her wonderful teaching staff.

We have developed a strong friendship with Drs. Oliverio & Azucena, and wish all the best to them and all the others who made our first dental mission trip to Zihuatanejo such a great success.


Dr. Doug & Susan Nielsen

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