10/26 - 11/9 trip report

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Things started out rather strange. The day before departure I received 2 e-mails from Alaska Airlines confirming my travels. Each one with different seating assignments. Checking my records for when I made the reservation: different seats altogether! Called AS and was told there was a computer problem at their end and to ignore one of the e-mails. When checking in, the girl at the counter discovered that the duplication was the result of their not registering a cancellation of a reservation made with miles and issued a refund. Upon arrival in Zihua we were met by my favorite cab driver who informed us that the airport cabbies had gotten wise to city cabs picking people up at Andy's and that we needed to take the passenger van to the gas station/OXO store on the road to Acapulco where he had parked. This was inconvenient, but will be avoided in the future because he recently purchased a van and will be able to pick us up in the airport parking lot. We arrived at the house, changed and headed to Lety's for dinner but found that, during the off-season, she's closed on Tuesdays. We wandered back along the Paseo to Valeria II where we were warmly greeted by Monkey and dined on their delicious bacon-wrapped shrimp.
10/27: walked down to check out the new Las Margaritas next door to Casa Vieja. Architectually very nicely designed with covered, as well as open air seating. The service was very friendly and professional and the food well prepared. And, at the risk of being hopelessly politically incorrect, the hostess is gorgeous. After breakfast we walked to Migracion to inquire about my FM3/FMM renewal - remodeled office and friendly, English speaking personnel - folowed by a walk through backroads to Comercial for groceries. Lunch at home followed by a well-deserved nap and dinner at Lety's. Chile Relleno stuffed with seafood and - surprise, surprise - amber Dos Equis, my favorite Mexican beer, which I'd never found previously in Zihua!
10/28: breakfast at Las Margaritas - we were the only Gringos; the other customers looked like uppercrusty local movers and shakers. Spent most of the day working on odds and ends around the house that needed fixing. Thank you Jan for your expertise! Lunch and dinner at home.
10/29: breakfast at home followed by a walk to the pier for a water taxi ride to Las Gatas, which was virtually deserted, to be warmly greeted by our old friend Franco. The water in the bay was quite calm, so the snorkeling along the outside of the reef was particularly great. It never ceases to amaze me that, after 12 years of snorkeling there, I still find things that I'd never seen before. For lunch we had our usual Guacamole and Shrimp Tacos. For dinner we walked to Il Mare. Although we've heard some grousing about the place lately, we found the service to be friendly and professional and the Linguine with clams in a white wine sauce was delicious.
10/30: breakfast, once again, at Las Margaritas. I really enjoyed the Chilaquiles con Carne. The rest of the day was spent fixing stuff around the house, followed by dinner at home. Quite some time ago, a friend in Anchorage lent me 3 season's worth of the BBC series Foyle's War. I finally brought several discs down and we were hooked, watching a show almost every night.
10/31: walked to Comercial along the right side of the Canal and stopped at Fru-Tacos for breakfast for the first time. About 16 earthenware bowls were lined up, filled with wonderful ingredients. The owner's wife speaks excellent English and explained what each one was. The server behind the counter makes the tacos with whatever you point at and then you go to a table to add chopped onion, chiles, etc. to taste. All this was washed down with Aqua de Pipino, a cucumber and lime drink I'd never had before and which is incredibly refreshing. This place is now on our must-eat-at list.
More to follow.

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