Trip report part 2

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10/31: Dinner at Casa Vieja. I love the barbequed ribs there. One of these days I'll try something different. Dinner was followed by another DVD of Foyle's War.
11/1: Wil Mertz picked us up at 10:00 for a trip to the waterfalls at La Vainilla. They had been dry for a couple of years, but after the ample rainfall this past summer they were spectacular. The family on whose property the falls are located had lunch waiting for us when we were done climbing around the falls. Wil is very knowledgable and pointed out some of the local wildlife. That night we dined at Capricho on Cinco de Mayo. Hisham, the new owner is from Morocco via the US. He's been in the restaurant business since the age of 19 and I have great hopes he will be successful in his new venture. The courtyard at Capricho is a very charming place for dinner.
11/2: Breakfast at home followed by a drive to La Barra de Potosi. We had planned on stopping at El Refugio, but they are closed on Wednesdays. We swung by Casa del Encanto to drop off a computer donated by my friend Juan Loera, who has a computer service business here in Anchorage. Laura, the owner, was out of town and the help was nowhere to be seen, so we continued on to La Condesa, an enramada restaurant on the beach. We've never been disappointed in the food there and the octopus in garlic sauce was excellent. I'd brought my surf casting rod, but nothing seemed to be running. For dinner, we went to Papas Locas for their excellent stuffed potatoes. More Foyle's War followed.
11/4: Breakfast at home followed by a visit to El Refugio de Potosi and another attempt to drop off the computer. There's always something new to be seen at El Refugio and this time it was a charming baby Furry Tree Porcupine with a prehensile tail. It loves people and, when I stretched out my hand, it climbed up my arm, settling on my shoulder to carefully inspect my beard. I think I'm in love! Once again we stopped at Laura's place and ended up putting the computer under the covers in one of the bedrooms, since the place was deserted. Hopefully someone found it and took it to the kids' library. We went to La Condesa for lunch with a couple from Iowa whom we had met at the refuge. The company was enjoyable as was the Guacamole and Abalone.
11/5: Got up at 6:00 to find that we'd been burglarized during the night while we were asleep. Not much of value was taken, but the feeling of invasion of privacy rankled. My favorite cabbie, JR Sanchez, picked us up for a day at Playa Valentin. A stop at a chicken BBQ place was required, because the thieves had made off with ones in the refrigerator which I had purchased the night before. We arrived at the end of the dirt road leading to the lagoon where Pepe was waiting with his boat to take us across to his sister Vicky's place for the day. We bring some food with us, because Vicky doesn't alway have fish for guests. This time she did. They were fish caught in the lagoon; very tasty. After lunch Pepe took us on a tour of the lagoon. Dinner at Tamales y Atoles "Any" where I had my favorite: Tamal Oaxaqueno. Only one other table was occupied.
11/6: Up at 6:00 for the leisurely stroll to the pier where our old friend, Guillermo Arciniega, was waiting to escort us to his Panga, Don William, which was being operated by his son Junior. On the way to Ixtapa Island we caught 16 fish: Bonito, Sierra and Cocinero. The folks at El Indio cooked some of them while we snorkeled at Playa Coral. The rest were dropped off to Anita at Bungalows Pacificos, who shares them with her staff. Another fine dinner at Casa Vieja followed. Very few other diners, as in most places we visited.
11/7: Wil Mertz picked us up at 8:30 for a kayak tour of a lagoon near Troncones. We saw many birds there and met a cat that likes coconut meat. After a refreshing drink of coconut juice, served by the caretaker of the place where the kayaks are kept, we continued on to the agricultural town of La Union. It was interesting to see a place not a all "tainted" by tourism. Tasty and inexpensive lunch at a local fonda. For dinner, we stopped at Ricomar in Pozole Alley for an excellent and inexpensive meal.
11/8: Did some more work on the house and took Jean shopping at some of my favorite places, such as Lupita's Boutique and all the stores in Casa Marina. Stopped for lunch at Capricho. JR picked up the Jeep to have new shocks installed on the front end. We got it back a couple of hours later and paid all of 900.00 Pesos! El Perla Negra was celebrating opening night, so that's where we went for dinner. Excellent as usual.
11/9: More work around the house and a trip to the Comercial. Dinner at home with some neighbors from down the street.
11/10: Time to pack up, go home and shovel snow. The 2 weeks sure went by fast! In part, no doubt, due to the fact that I find this particular time in Zihua the most pleasant time to visit, since the rainy season is over, the hillsides are lush and green with many trees in flower and there are very few visitors. So now I'm watching my tan fade and the calendar for my return to Zihua in January.

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