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Escrito por Bob in Eugene () via proxy desde (?) el día martes, 23 de noviembre, 2010 a las 16:43:39 horas :

We had another wonderful trip to Zihua, loved the weather, hated coming home, especially to this nasty, cold, icy weather in Eugene. We ate well at Los Braceros, Elvira's on the beach, Cafe Marina Pizza (love that chipotle sauce), Sirena Gorda, Rossy's, El Pueblito (for barbacoa) and El Manglar (got to walk around to the parking lot side, bridge is out again). We had another excellent cooking class at Patio Mexica with Monica, where we learned to make amazing mole. We enjoyed again the warmth and friendship of the Catalina, and all their amazing people, including Eva, Celso, Javier, Fili, Blanca and the New Guy, Miguel. We witnessed turtle releases almost nightly at the beach of the Catalina, and were torn between that and dos por unos at the Sunset bar. We read, swam, had a few beers, and hoofed it up and down the stairs to and from the beach. I read 4 books, including Owen Lee's "Prisoner in Paradise" and the latest Carl Hiaasen novel, "Star Island". We visited with our friends Abel and Julia in their beautiful jewelry store on Nicolas Bravo and caught up with the goings on of our families. We did NOT get off our butts enough to go to Las Gatas, La Barra, or anywhere else, for that matter, although we will again in the future, I'm sure. Also had a nice conversation with the delightful and lovely Lupita. We love our home here, but are sorry not to be at our home-away-from-home in Zihua. It's still a special place, folks, and I felt safer walking around late in the evening there than in most cities in the US.

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