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This was our 8th trip to Ixtapa. My husband was turning 50 and wanted to go fishing for his birthday so off to Zih/Ixtapa we went for a week. Normally we go for 2 weeks mid January so going in November time frame was new to us. The weather is still as perfect, but was much quieter than in January.

We received a warm welcome from the staff at the Dorado Pacifico. Got a big hug from Rueben, a great room that had a magnificent view of the ocean, a welcome banner on our door and a beautiful happy birthday cake in the room Ė very nice touch to start the trip. Good to visit with the staff there we have gotten to know over the yrs, Jorge, Caesar, Ricardo and Salvador. Lots of long time staff so the Dorado must be treating everyone well.

Our first night there we were craving Tortilla soup so went right to Fajitas Queenies, but to our disappointment it has closed down. As we found out near the end of our trip that it is now in Zih.

Next day on Sunday we spent a great day on the beach in front of the hotel heading up and down the beach to see what had changed since our last trip. Being huge CFL Saskatchewan Rider fans it was Grey Cup day so first headed to Zorros in Zih to watch the game, but to our dismay they couldnít get it so had a great burger & beer there then we headed off to La Ropa beach to La Perla where they were showing the game. Huge thank-you to the staff at La Perla as the food was great, Preemo(sp ?) who was serving us was a great sport and wore a watermelon foam football helmet of the Riders and a tee-shirt we left with him. Don Francisco bought us a drink. All in all it was a great evening except our Riders lost.

Monday night we had the privilege and good fortune to witness a turtle laying her eggs right in front of the hotel. It was truly amazing to see. It was too bad some people felt the need to rush up and touch her & get a photo when she had finished, rather than staying back and enjoying the moment for what it was. It was a little melancholy to watch her make her way back to the ocean into the night. A moment I will remember for a long time to come.

Tuesday was fishing day and if you have never experienced the pier first thing in the morning you are missing out. With the Mexican music playing, ladies making sandwiches, the cats sitting on the pier about a foot away staring down the fish bait that is all laid out. (Yes each cat got thrown their own fish while I was there Ė how awesome) We went out with our favorite captain Noe Martinez on ďThe PorpyĒ . It was quite rough on Tuesday, but the fishing was food. Got to keep 1 sail and let 3 go, saw whales, porpoise and even got to see some sting rays jump out of the water. So a great day for sure.

After fishing we went for our annual visit to the Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo to buy another shirt and drop off some cat food. I left them with a shirt from Saskatoon SPCA our Humane Society. Itís so good to know they are there helping the animals.
Then we needed to de-brief and have a margarita on the beach then wander to Daniels to snack on their coconut shrimp which is awesome. Sorry Lettyís is good too but I find it a little too rich.

Wed off to Zih in the morning to have breakfast at Pancake Breakfast House that has the best coffee ever. Way better than Tim Hortonís for any Canadians out there. We caught the boat over to see Franko and for goodness sakes everything is still peachy keen, never fails. My favorite spot is on Las Gatas laying on a floatie in the water looking back at Zih. It doesnít get any better than that.

Thursday another beach day in Ixtapa, breakfast at JJís for banana pancakes, off to the markets. Had good pizza at Franks.

Friday another fishing day but we wanted to try some shore fishing and try for Rooster fish. This was a ton of fun. The water was way calmer and it was neat to be closer to shore and head past Ixtapa, Playa Linda & around Troncones. My husband and Noe caught around 30 little Spanish mackerels. As soon as the hooks went in the water they would each get one. Then Gord got a Red snapper. To catch Rooster fish you use some type of kite in the sky (donít the heck ask as I was just along for the boat ride, but very cool to watch) It wasnít really windy enough so decided to head out further on the way home and about 10 mins into the trip back both lines got hit at once with 2 Dorado so that kept my husband pretty busy. Another great day on the boat. We kept some of the fillets and had the hotel cook it up for us. It was very good.

Darn itís time to go home. So up early for walk on the beach, a breakfast at Morellos and a couple of Bloody Marys under the palapa.

Another wonderful trip and I know we will be back again. There always is something magical about Zih/Ixtapa and people. Hasta Luego.

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