A great two weeks

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We just returned from two weeks in Zihua. We usually go in June and again in November. June is nice but itís lovely to see the countryside so green in November. Also it was an added bonus that we escaped the horrible snowstorm in Seattle.

We did lots of the usual stuff but three things really stand out from this trip. We usually go snorkeling with Hector Olea. Even though the water was a little bit cool, it was a fun trip. Itís nice to have Hector in the water with us snorkeling, showing us things we probably wouldnít notice on our own.

We ride bikes with Alejandro from Bi-Zihuanas. This time we rode from downtown Zihua to El Refugio de Potosi. You really get a feel for Mexico riding on the backroads through little towns, fording rivers and eating breakfast at a beachside restaurant. Alejandro is an expert bike rider but always goes at an easy pace for my benefit. We went early in the morning to escape the heat. We got to El Refugio right when it opened. There seem to be more things to see each time we visit. This time we fell in love with the tiny porcupine and the fledgling Boobie.

One new experience for us was going on two tours with Wil,aka HunterMX. (William Mertz Tours) We had read all about the great times people had going with him and we werenít disappointed. We went to Las Cascadas at Mesas de Bravo. There were hundreds of butterflies. The air seemed alive with them. We jumped off the wooden bridge in the pool behind the waterfall, much to the delight of two little girls. But we didnít slide on the rocks - weíll leave that for younger tourists. We also went with Wil kayaking on a lagoon north of Troncones. There were lots of birds and no crocodiles.
(I made Wil promise that there were no crocs around.) Itís a great experience to visit places we have never been with someone as knowledgeable and easy to talk to as Wil.

We ate in lots of wonderful restaurants, many of which we learned about on Robís message board - La Gula, Letyís, Jungle Pizza, Don Memos, Rufoís, 100% to name just a few. We do really miss De Donde Eres and think about all the wonderful meals we had there when we walk into town on Calle Adelita.

Two weeks goes by quickly. But itís nice to know that weíll be back again in June. Hasta luego Zihuatanego.

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