Ouru drive from Mazatlan to Zihuatanejo

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We are posting this by request. See our post "Our drive to Mazatlan" dated November 29.
We left Mazatlan Friday, November 3. At that time, there were 15 rigs at Mar Rosa, with several people just passing through. We had a lovely drive to Tepic, and spent the night at Los Pinos park, with no company, which is normal there. Had a great afternoon in Tepic, and left Saturday for the Chapala area outside of Guadalajara. Great roads, no stops, no problems, minimal traffic. Sunday we drove to Patzcuaro, and stayed at Villa Patzcuaro for three nights. It was normal, COLD, and had the normal number of people, ranging from 3 to 5 rigs. That is what we have always seen there. Wednesday morning we drove down from Patzcuaro to Zihuatanejo, again, great roads, no stops, minimal traffic. After we arrived in Zihua, we read about the problems in Morelia. Fortunately, we missed it all. Here in Zihua, we are warm, wet, happy and enjoying ourselves immensely. The residents here say "todo aqui es muy tranquilo". Everything here is very calm. El Mangular has 3 rigs in it, and we haven't explored other places. What's the rush? It couldn't be better here, and life is good.
Thinking about coming down? Make your own, responsible decisions, and if you choose not to come down this year, do please contact your favorite RV parks and let them know that you aren't out of the picture forever, and try to help keep them in business for the future!

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