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Escrito por `Esox desde (dsl-201-155-76-131-sta.prod-empresarial.com.mx) el día viernes, 10 de diciembre, 2010 a las 23:04:43 horas :

Arrived Sat from Chicago, just got out from the snow storm. Love the new custom forms--- readable. Suitcase was the first one--- no red light--- should have bought a lottery ticket. Strolled La Ropa Beach---had a few cold ones—ate at Dona Prudencia.We spilt jumbo shrimp/bacon wrap best around for the price.

Sunday not much open—breakfast was at Las Brasios– eggs Mexican/tortillas. Walked around, checked out the town, basketball courts looked like they had at least a few weeks left to finish up—they are also painting the streets red--- bad smell. Took bus back to La Ropa for 11 pesos for two. Went down to La Perla for the football game and had lunch. They have three receivers and the NFL channel. Ate at Elvira’s, red snapper and coconut shrimp.

Monday – hopped the bus, went for breakfast at Las Margarita had chorizo eggs/tortillas—new place in Madera beach. Just laid around and talked to friends until dinner--- went to El Perla Negra had coconut shrimp—by now you have probably figured out my wife likes shrimp.

Tuesday—Went and saw Joe at the Marina café—had one of his famous omelette and strawberry/orange drink(fresh). That night went to El Manglar had veracruz mahi mahi fish and coconut/pecan shrimp. No sunset on Tuesday—Sat thru Monday was just beautiful. Note—walked down to the Arena café on the beach near Rossy had a shrimp taco but got charged a hidden service charge – he said it was a Mexican tax. When I told him that there is no Mexican tax he got red.

Wed----Meet a lot of people today- it seems after the third or fourth day people start to trust one another. Lot of sitting around and sharing stories. Went to Suza’s for brunch. Great, vey nice low priced place—had burrito for 40 pesos. Went to Lety’s for dinner had stuffed fish/shrimp.

Thursday—We over did it today—breakfast at Patty’s –lunch at Rossy’s great strawberry margarita and oaxaca shrimp taco. Wandered around Central last night taking in the different sight –the light have moved to(Nicolas Bravo) the second street over from the basketball courts. They really help decorated the town along with the newly painted roads. Ate at Murmullo’s—different menu—had scallops/rice and wife had curry shrimp. Went looking for the hamburger man (Juan)—what a treat. If you haven’t had one of his burgers you have not lived. Just to watch him make it is fun. Found the ice cream shop to top off the night. Went back the Villa Mexicana and had scotch.

Friday—Had breakfast at Dona Prudencia eggs/Mexican sausage watched the dolphins play by the Las Gatas. Went to Suize for lunch had their burrito carne it was great—was treated to a abalone cerviche, unbelievable—washed down with a few beers. That night we went to Porta del sol—had Saltimboca a la romana and Tequila shrimp flambe’

Sat---We are leaving today and flying back to the cold weather of Wisconsin—we found or saw no sign of drugs,violence,or anything to fear—it was another great trip to Zihu. All evening meal where in the range of $10.00 to $15.00 and the other meal where about $15.00 for two people. This report is for the middle of the road people ,not the high ended.

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