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Escrito por Labrat desde ( el día domingo, 12 de diciembre, 2010 a las 23:42:19 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Heard ya'll are having some weather up there... escrito por judi in OKlahoma () via proxy desde ( el día domingo, 12 de diciembre, 2010 a las 23:04:47 horas :

Don't know the half of it!

Got 20" here at the house in the middle of St. Paul. The drifts in the back yard go from the top of the garage, across the walkway, to the top of the 7 foot privacy fence in the back yard.

The drift outside of the back door starts about a foot from the door, and goes over to the top of the same fence, and runs out into the back yard. I can get the door open a foot, but can't go anywhere until they come to did me out tomorrow AM.

The front door will not open as there is a three foot drift against it, that drops off the front steps into the three feet of snow that the wind sifted together like a hard packed sand dune. That coupled with sub-zero (Fahrenheit) temps is making it fairly miserable on the skin, and way hard on the snow removal equipment.

I just had to contract with someone to dig me out, and head over to mom's to dig her out as well. We both use the same snow removal service, and the poor guy is beside himself as all his equipment was broken down by 10AM this morning, including a blown transmission in both of his plow trucks.

Yup, and tomorrow was suppose to be my first day back at work since the surgery!

I guess I just can't do a freakin thing the easy way!!


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