Had a wonderful trip to Zihuatanejo

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Escrito por Elena de Tacoma desde (687f74290eec.click-network.com) el día lunes, 13 de diciembre, 2010 a las 15:53:40 horas :

Bob and I are home after another terrific trip. Playa la Ropa is still beautiful, sunny and warm, filled with light and friends. Friends being locals and otro turistos like ourselves.

My highlight was probably the evening with friends at Mi choyita. Thank you for the recommendation. It seems all the Deaf friends I have ever met in Zihuatanejo dropped by and allowed me to repay their patient hospitality and kind teaching of past years. My Mexican Sign is getting better as is my Spanish vocabulary growing. Communication is getting easier and one dear girl helped to interpret for the restaurant proprietor. I had a book for all the children and babies, except one boy, a friend of a friend, and I'm sure the friend will share his copy of Henry Huggins in Spanish when he's read it a time or two. Really, it is so gratifying to bring books to people I know personally. Though for the next trip I intend to buy them early enough that I can read them and improve my Spanish en poco mas. I'm not yet ready for 'chapter' books; but I'll get there.

And the whole dinner with perhaps two dozen people was so affordable. I think the restaurant owner really gave me a deal; and fortunately for my pocketbook my Deaf friends there are not drinkers like the gringos and gringas I also love to hang with.

Meanwhile,Roberto had a great time wandering in el centro and fielding greetings and invites from more friends than we have back home.

In our ten days there I ate so much good food. I gained five plus pounds! And we don't even eat carne or pollo, or, mariscos or pescado. Ahhh, but the guacamole! Chips and fresh salsa. Don Memos for his vegetarian calzone and fettuccine, and the new finds of Murmullos where we ate two totally different eggplant dishes from the specials menu, and Little Suiza for breakfast twice because we found it too late in our stay to eat there for lunch or dinner. Oh, and can't forget Papas Locos, Loved it!

The biggest disappointment was that we just missed Josie Kuhn as she was flying in the day we left. I guess I just have to listen to her CDs and travel back in my minds eye until next time.

The second disappointment was our tour with Wil/Hunter-Mx was canceled do to rogue rattlesnakes. We'll try to do it again sometime.

Well, we also really missed Geoff and Brenda; and Joel and Barbara.

Oh, and I've got to share pozole Thursday was so much fun a group of us from Villa Mexicana hired one of the musicians to come sing for two hours on our next and final evening at happy hour at the hotel. It was Angel Rojas with the smooth voice who can also be heard at Any's. We let the other guests know that it was not a private party, that all the guests were welcome and not only did they grace us with their company; but came though with tips enough to cover the cost of the musician plus his propina. We're talking of making it an annual event Fortunately the manager, Zandra enjoyed too. Next time we'll get it approved before we hire the band or singer.

Well, i hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip. There's more, but then there always is.

See ya in Zihua!

I love that place.

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