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Escrito por ZihuaRob [ Boardmaster ] el día martes, 14 de diciembre, 2010 a las 10:33:20 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Beach Water Quality escrito por Canadian Rainbirds desde ( el día lunes, 13 de diciembre, 2010 a las 20:17:23 horas :

"last week there was an article saying the all local beaches were within the 200 level EXCEPT Playa Principal"

Yes, you are correct.

Maybe in Vancouver, like in Florida, beaches close when measured bacteria reaches a certain level, but here not even a warning sign is posted, meaning the measurements are meaningless and our public officials have no qualms about risking the health of our unknowing visitors as well as locals who should know better who continue swimming at the Playa del Puerto (Playa Principal). Years ago when the monitoring began and the Playa del Puerto tested unsafe (when acceptable levels were much higher than they are today), federal government employees posted signs at the beach, and the mayor at that time, Amador Campos, personally went to remove the signs and declared in the paper that the federal government was only trying to make his administration look bad. An extremely irresponsible attitude, but rather typical among our political class.

On my Weather page I have a link to the COFEPRIS website showing water quality up to November. Frankly, I think the Playa del Puerto should have warning signs all up and down it and that the beach should be off limits for swimming until the problem is resolved once and for all.

If you visit the COFEPRIS site and the SEMARNAT site for water quality results, you can't help but notice a blatant discrepancy in their results for the "Playa Principal". IMHO, neither government department takes their job seriously and they aren't interested in publishing the actual results in a timely manner or protecting public health. This is where I have a huge difference of opinion with certain sectors of our government as well as with folks in the tourist industry who criticize me for precisely the kind of comments I am making here. But I believe it is CRIMINAL to risk the health of the public over this matter. The reason we even have a problem to begin with is because of institutionalized corruption and systemic incompetence in our government, and it is simply time to call a spade a spade and deal with the problem instead of continuing to ignore it or make light of it.

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