here are the facts about near fatal accident

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ON the 24th dec was doing my daily hour run in ocean ... Luis was driving boat with 3 persons aboard and a beginner waterskier being towed behind. He waved at me on one of his passes with another skier. I was running in deep water .. have been doing this routine every day for over a year and a half.. from the buoy at Rossy's to the buoy in front of La Pearla...I suddenly heard a loud noise coming from directly behind me... stopped running and turned towards noise just in time to see boat barreling directly towards me..
began screaming at the top of my lungs and waving arms..NO ONE was looking in my direction .. everyone was facing the waterskier. The boat missed my head by less than a foot.. after that the huge wake of the boat almost drowned me... and then the waterskier missed me by inches. This was observed by numerous people on the beach... waiters ..all who had heard my screams... including Jorge Allec ...Fidel from Casa del mar and the other gentlemen that meet everyday for coffee. The boat did not stop or come to see how I was even when they realized that they almost drove over me. Terrified and shaken it took me a long time to calm myself and get out of the water. I called Dani over..another member of Beto's crew and asked him to contact Beto immediately. Dani acknowledged that the boat just missed me by a foot. When I saw Beto about 15 minutes later on the beach.. he was looking sullen and preoccupied...I asked him if Dani had told him what had happened... he made like he had heard nothing and told Dani to leave the area... Beto's only comment was...So did you get HURT....I told him that I was finished talking and that I was making a formal complaint... Hurt... there would have been no hurt... just dead....To this day no one has apologized or come to explain . I agree Beto and Linda are very conscious of safety but Beto is seldom on the beach supervising .. .this is the third incident with his crew... one time I was almost run over by a crew member doing tricks on a jetski and another time while being transported over to Las Gatas with Memo of El Manglar and his 6 year old daughter ... the crew member driving the boat did not watch where we were going and hit a stationary boat at Las Gatas. In each case it was luck that saved us. I reported neither of these incidents to the Captain of the bay. I believe and have too often seen this crew distracted... careless ... inattentive and cannot let this go unreported. I know that this is a serious matter for Beto's livelihood but feel important steps need to be met before someone does get killed. I never meant to be anonymous.. thinking by my call name you would know who had made the complaint. I have lived here full time for over 5 years and try to give something back to the community with my volunteering with SPAZ and the General Hospital...I could not forgive myself or live with myself if as many do ignore obvious dangers... or out of fear not make a formal complaint. I hope all who read this know none of this has been reported out out malice or a desire to cause grief to Beto.

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