Shady beaches

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 03 de agosto, 2006 a las 13:34:24 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: La Perla Restaurant-a suggestion escrito por Tim McNair desde ( el día jueves, 03 de agosto, 2006 a las 13:08:48 horas :

Used to be there were plenty of palapas and shade trees on the beach at La Ropa, but many restaurants, hotels and other constructions have cut down trees (a la Casa Que Canta) and stopped using palapas, instead using production-line umbrellas that I think are not only very tacky but are completely at odds from the natural and timeless Mexican ambiance that attracted people here for decades. Now it's starting to look a lot like a soulless dime-a-dozen cheap plastic tourist resort.

I would like to see more coconut palms, mangroves, and other native trees replanted along the beaches to provide free shade for locals and visitors along with a regulation prohibiting the cheap plastic awnings and umbrellas at restaurants and hotels and instead promoting (through tax breaks or other incentives) the use of palapas. There should also be designated public parks or similar areas at beaches such as La Ropa before they become essentially privatized, such as has already happened at several beaches in Ixtapa as well as much of La Madera. A properly equipped public area should at least provide public parking, public bathrooms (ones that are actually open and that have water) as well as waste receptacles with plastic liner bags that are emptied daily. More palapas and shade trees would add to their overall positive appearance of the beaches in general, don't you think?

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