Trip Report April 29-May 8

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Escrito por Rhonda desde ( el día domingo, 25 de mayo, 2008 a las 15:13:22 horas :

After leaving Calgary on Monday the 28th of April, with an overnighter in Houston (what a airport!!), we arrived in Zihua at 11:25 on Tuesday, to beautiful weather as usual. Grabbing a cab and checking in at Casa Sun & Moon (first time there (and last), we headed downtown to see Miguel at Marquesa Galeana for some lunch. Usually I have his quesadillas, but today he had a mahi mahi special with shrimp and I couldn't resist. It was fabulous as his food always is. After catching up on the familia news we headed to Lilly's at the pier to hopefully meet up with our capitan fisherman, and to see Paulie and Lilly. Great to see everyone was wonderful and kids have all grown so much. Had dinner that evening at La Rana Rene on Madera beach with our friends Armanda Vargas and familia. Coconut shrimp, which is my fave, was perfect there, as was everyone else's choice. Luis and Angel are always great when we are there, making us feel special. we had a enjoyable evening before returning to our room for some zzzzz.

Next day we wondered over to La Ropa for some sun. Ended up parking it at Elviras, sunning, reading and some much needed R & R. Lunch there was great, garlic oysters and tortillas with beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Can't remember the name, should have wrote it down. After the looooong walk back to our room, a little siesta was in order before heading downtown to see if our amigo, Pete had arrived yet. Met up with him at Miguel's and enjoyed a few orders of Quesadillas for the three of us.

Went to the pier to find Capitan but was no where to be found so we went to El Mirador, upstairs. I wasn't real satisfied with this meal, found it to be very dry mahi mahi. Oh well. Thursday found us at Lillys most of the day, registering for the International Pez Vela Tournament, and just enjoying the atmosphere. Seeing old friends from the years past is always easy at Lillys, as most people wonder that way at some point.

Friday, day one of the tournament saw us at the pier at 6:00, buying our tortas and cervezas, with lots of agua, of course. At 7:00 the starting pistol went off and so were 113 boats. It is always exciting the first day, everyone is anticipating what their day will be like, they all have a plan, sailfish, dorado or marlin first, then the other and the other. We had a pretty active day catching 5, releasing 4, bringing in one for weighing. It was only 26 kilos, and I believe the winner after three days was 38 kilos. So not enough, but it looked so big (another fishing story, maybe).

Day two started the same, but turned out to be a long day. Not much action, and as we heard, not much action for anyone that day. Pretty quiet out there. Day three started out the same, but by noon, we had 6 on, 3 at the 4 at the same time. The end day result was 8 sailfish and 1 dorado. Only 1 sailfish was kept because of the hook. What started out as a dreary last day, turned in to be pretty exciting for my husband and Pete.

Saturday after the tournament, the three of us wondered over to Pizzas Locas. This was our first time here, and it was good. I started with ceasar salad, awesome, then lasagna, Brad had pizza, it was fabulous. Went there again the following week one night. It was worth it.

Monday we decided to go out in the boat and play, ended up bring in a 40 lb rooster fish. Pretty good fight. This was our first time to even see one of these beauties.

Tuesday saw us just bumming around, the day before Pete left, so Lunch at Pericos on the way to the banco. It was really good as well, would recommend it for any meal. Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, starting to do my shopping of gifts for everyone. Supper at Miguel's, perfect. Wednesday said Goodbye to Pete and shopped most of the morning. Laid in the sun the rest of the day. Walked downtown for supper at Viva Mexico, again, our first time there, and it was good as well. I had Hawaiian Shrimp (go to Mexico to have Hawaiaan Shrimp? Crazy).

Thursday, our last day in Zihua, saw us at La Sirena Gorda for breakfast, food good, service not so much. Shopped a little more, then back to the room to wait for Michael, our taxi driver, to pick us up.

All in all, Zihua was awesome as usual, we love coming there for the atmosphere the people and of course, the weather. We don't expect too much, therefore do not get disapointed. We have stayed at a different place every time we come, and I will say, that although Casa Sun & Moon was private (we had the top room), for what we paid, we got more for our buck at other places, so probably won't return. The room was fine, the maid awesome, the deck a bit small. Actually a lot small for laying out there. But not bad over all.

After returning, I was excited to get my trip report done. And on that note, I will say adios, probably for a while, although we will still come and see zihuatanejo for what it is, A lovely part of the world that we can enjoy and relax, and visit with our many friends we have met down there on our visits. Hasta luego, Amigos.

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