One of the busiest days ever.

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Escrito por LadyM in Zihua desde ( el día domingo, 01 de junio, 2008 a las 23:51:20 horas :

This morning when I woke up it was 74 degrees and the clouds were dark in the sky and the sun was not even thinking of coming through. I thought we might be in for a day of rain.

Julian came up and got me to go with him. We were going to Las Gatas in the boat to get Otilia.

We could not walk the normal way and get to the pier because the Navy/Marines were out in force. Dressed in their dress whites and some in their full armor uniforms they were in formation at the open area in front of the pier. Top Military officials as well as local government officials were giving speeches. It was very impressive.

On to the pier by way of the beach we went. Julio and Emiliano were waiting there for us and for Osiria and Valeria to get there. The guys went to the boat, Joceline, and I went to buy drinks for the morning. We were only going to pick Otilia and her flowers up as we were following the Military boats out to the big rock in front of the opening of the bay. (I would tell you the name of the rock but I do not know the correct spelling) Today is the Memorial day here. I took flowers to my Dad and others last Monday but I wanted to be part of going again today. There were 4 military boats and about 30 or so others as well as the Dancer boat filled with people.

When that part of the day was over we headed for Las Gatas for breakfast. Osiria and I had coconut shrimp that Otilia fixed especially for us. The rest has sausage and eggs which would have been just as good for me. Then we changed gears and had tuna salad as Julio had caught a big tuna yesterday in the fishermen tournament. There were no cars given away but each fisherman paid $150. to fish and $50. for the biggest marlin. They had three places for pes vela. With 70 boats fishing you can figure the amounts of money split. Good day for the winners.

We did not come back to Zihua until about 1:30 and when we arrived there were several hundred people gathered in front of the pier where the ceremony had happened earlier in the day. They were screaming and yelling and watching boxing matches. A full sized boxing ring had been put up while we were having breakfast. Kids from the age of 6 all the way up to grown men as old as me (and you all know that is scary) were boxing. I think there were at least 20 or more bouts. One of the best (most entertaining) bouts was between two girls. One was a boxer, looked to be about 14, who practices often. The other, just some girl, about the same age, that she had talked into boxing. I would have lost my money for sure as I would have bet on the boxer. She did actually probably win the fight but the other girl came out and was like a small tornado with arms swinging. Took the boxer by surprise. When the 1st round was over the tornado girl said she was just too winded to continue. The boxer won because she would have fought on.

We were there watching boxing for a couple of hours. All of us were too hot so we came home and took showers and headed out again. This time over the bridge into LaNoria. 5 times as many people were there yelling and screaming, drinking beer, eating tacos, mangos and every other thing you could imagine. They were there for the rooster fights. Betting was heavy and roosters were dropping two at a time. They had two places set up for the fights and each place was about the area the ring took up for the boxing. It was hard for me to watch as I do not like to see the roosters fight but the stuff that goes on before and the crowd being the way it is was exciting. I only was there (up close) for one fight. I chose to sit back and watch the gambling with dice that was going on at a table a little ways away from the roosters. I also enjoy talking to friends who where there and taking part of some of the eating. Good stuff everywhere.

When I came home about 6 I thought that I could do a little resting and possibly read some of my book or even take a nap as it had been a hard day. But nooooo. About the time I was finished with my shower Julian wanted me to play a game of soccer with him and Emiliano. We played soccer up on the roof while Osiria did laundry. I would have rather done the laundry. It is not nearly so stressful. I lost 15 to 6. Hey, I was not slacking off either.

I limped downstairs and took another shower as I was really too hot and sweaty. About the time I got out of the shower, dressed, and laying on the couch reading my book, Julian comes racing up the stairs from his house. They want me to go have tacos with them. Now being tired is not a good excuse so I got up and got ready. We got into the car and drove for tacos. The place was on the street up in an area where all the apartments are going to Ixtapa. We ate lots of tacos and it just felt good to be off my feet.

On the way home a car almost hit us head on. If Julio was not an al3rt driver I would not be typing this right now. The other vehicle passed two cars that were side by side and was in our lane coming like a bat out of h@ll. Thank goodness there was not a car beside us or we would have had no place to go.

Since I got home I have called and talked to my Mother, my husband, and left a message for my son, whose birthday is tomorrow. I also answered two e-mails and did a chat with Rico on MSN.

Oh! yes, that rain that I thought we might get this morning. It might have done a light sprinkle for about 30 minutes. The best part was the sun did not actually come out from behind those clouds until about noon so we did not get wet going out on the boat. It is 80 degrees at 10:50 right now in Zihua. I can promise as soon as I finish with this post, I am headed for bed. More exciting things on the menu for tomorrow.

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