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>> I knew there were more people, out there. who enjoy your art as much as I do! <<

Well…. Don’t be so sure, amigo, as The Arts (as YOU know) historically have a VERY Small “following” (let alone a “sensitive” following). Though, just like MOST Gallery Openings, many folks here may “visibly” sign-on (from the disinterested shadows) simply to “herald their hip-ness” in public!

But, these ditties are certainly not “art”, mate…… They’re just playful personal “documentations” of the People-n-Places currently surrounding my wonderfully blessed Life……

Cuz, I stopped “making art” two decades ago, when I personally arrived at the (sad) conclusion that the most valuable (‘radical’) statement that ANY Artist could make (in my generation) amid the recurrent circumstance surrounding our ‘progressive’ modern society, was to ‘say’ NOTHING at all….. anymore….. The statement of ultimate SILENCE: of core DIS-involved Rejection!

THUS (per the foto above), as NYC’s lovely Jean-Michel Basquiat once quipped, “F%#*K ‘Art’…. Lets Just DANCE!!!!!”

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