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Escrito por ZapPoke desde (75-174-162-242.chyn.qwest.net) el día domingo, 08 de junio, 2008 a las 00:28:17 horas :

We live in Wyoming, USA and have never been to Mexico or any coast before. That said, you can imagine what a different experience this trip was for us. We rented a casa in Troncones from May 28 through June 4. I speak enough Spanish to be polite and was fortunate to have my daughter along as she is a sophomore in college and one of her majors is Spanish.

The first hard lesson I learned was on the drive from the airport to Troncones. We did not know what a tope was and I hit the first one at a much higher rate of speed than I should have. For those of you not familiar with this concept, a tope is a speed bump and they are constructed such that you practically have to stop before driving over one. Also, I learned that the speed limit signs are generally ignored and that the octagonal red signs that say "Alto" are essentially a Yield sign. If you stop at one and there is no traffic for which to stop you will likely get rear-ended.

If, like us, you are renting a house and do not wish to eat out for all your meals, I recommend La Commercial Mexicana in Zihuatanejo. We stocked up on juice, beer, bread, cheese, and lunch meat there. They have pretty much everything you could need. I think it was the Mexican version of Costco.

We experienced no crime and never felt threatened. The Policia seemed to be everywhere. One day there were even several well armed officers at the intersection by Pantla. We just smiled and waved and they waved back. At El Mercado in Ixtapa that day I saw a local newspaper cover story that a federal agent had been executed in Patatlan, so suspected that the police presence was somehow related.

We never encountered any dangerous critters. The little lizards were a little unnerving. They were everywhere and they can really make a racket! But, they were obviously harmless. We had a few sand crabs in the casa and my wife and daughter were not too happy about seeing them, but they really were no trouble.

Before we left for Troncones I checked the weather channel.com and the forecast was for scattered thunderstorms every day. However, if it ever rained while were there it must have been at night while we were sleeping.

We had helicopters flying over the water several times. I suspect they were looking for sharks, but cannot be certain. At one of the restaurants in Troncones we were handed a little brochure about sharks that had been prepared by the Mexican government. I am not a surfer, and had a pool at our casa, so I never ventured too far out into the ocean anyway.

I was struck by the dichotomy of the beauty on the grounds of our casa and the poverty just down the road.

We enjoyed our visit very much. We did not go there to do exciting things. Our intent was to relax and enjoy the beauty of an unfamiliar landscape and a different culture. Mission accomplished!

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