Troncones Trip Report June 4 - 11

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Escrito por Moira in SF desde ( el día jueves, 12 de junio, 2008 a las 20:05:24 horas :

I travel a lot back and forth from San Francisco to Zihua/Troncones so I don't always remember to post a trip report. Maybe too old hat for me but then I think I should take the time to share some tidbits!

My partners and I recently completed a casa in Troncones so this was a trip to get some work done, but also to enjoy some quality time with friends.

I have been to Troncones in Jan, Feb, Mar, May, July, Nov and Dec so was happy to experience June! Was sad to see some of my favorite places shut down for the summer (Hacienda Eden) and for a short while (Cafe Sol) but still enjoyed Inn at Manzanillo Bay and Present Moment for meals and drinks (we actually did most of our own cooking).

There is a new Italian restaurant in town which is in the locat1on of the Italian restaurant that was started by an Italian surfer a few years ago (but then he left). It's located on the road into town about 100 meters before the beach road.

There is no name (yet) but the cook is Mexican (his name is Nate) and he worked in an Italian restaurant in New York for 20 years. He was going to set up something in Zihua but decided to try Troncones. Good thing. He started making Pizzas on Friday, June 6th and eventually will branch out into pastas, etc. Anyway, we had two of his pizzas and they were very good. While we sat in his makeshift restaurant (he's not really fully functional yet) we noticed lots of locals coming to pick up pizzas to take home. Looks like he'll do well.

Other changes. Across from Mi Casa Su Casa is a new store selling women's clothing (from what I could tell) and a surf shop has opened up next to the store.

A new hotel is being built on the south side of Mi Casa Su Casa.

I utilized taxi service within Troncones and they were fast to come and very pleasant. A ride from Majahua to Trocones (to the T) was 50 pesos.

We hired a nanny - her name is Liz and she lives in Majahua. Highly recommend her (email for her contact info).

My friends went on a kayak trip with Alejandro Rodriquez who runs Costa Nativa tours in Troncones. As always, everyone enjoyed the trip. I did the kayak trip in March and also his hiking trip.

The best part of the trip for me was the rain. We really wanted to see how the casa handled the rain...and we got to see where the water flowed (some bad drainage but mostly good). The daytime rain had no wind but the nighttime rain had big wind...and well, since most of our structures are open air with palapa roofs, the water went everywhere (into the Kitchen, living room, dining room). We decided we'll keep some plastic bins nearby so that, in the future, sensitive items can be thrown into the bins.

After the day rain ended, a bunch of flying insects appeared out of nowhere. They started at the roofline but then drifted down to our living spaces. We found out these are flying termites. They don't bite but were bizarre to watch - they just came from nowhere!

That night (after the big rains) the frogs started. I mean hundreds if not thousands of frogs. I never knew how loud frogs could be but they definitely made a melody I'll never forget. They stayed pretty active the next day, too. And the crabs started their move from the hills to the ocean. Hundreds of them (we left too early to see the thousands of them the locals say will come).

Regarding sharks - the locals are slowly but surely getting back into the waters, but being smart about it. Surfing in the morning, staying clear of the full moon, etc. In the 7 days I was there, I only saw a helicopter once but I did see a Navy boat checking what I assume where lines about 500 yards out to sea. I have big binocs and watched them...and I never saw them pull anything out.

Last comment about the trip. Flying out of Zihua was no hassle, but the connection in LA was insane. I am used to the 'offloading from the plane to the bus, bus to immigration, bag pick-up, customs, back drop off, walk to domestic terminal, going through security again' drill...but it just seemed more crazy this time. I'm guessing it's because of summer travel. Just a heads up for those who will be traveling through LA on the return to the US. One tip, there is a women's restroom just before you enter the immigration line. But there are no restrooms in the baggage pick-up area. So if you have to go, go before clearing immigration!

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