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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 15 de julio, 2008 a las 12:11:55 horas :

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Although Boise Cascade left with their tails between their legs to resume their logging operations in the remote mountains of Chile where hopefully no campesinos will bother them, Guerrero's caciques continue raping the forests of the sierra and breaking numerous laws in the process, and logging trucks can be seen practically every day cruising our highways unmolested. No authorities have taken responsibility for the continuing illegal logging or the questionably permitted logging except for the rather stupid statements from the occasional public servant claiming everything is in order and there is no problem. The problem begins with permits issued by the very authorities entrusted with protecting our forests who have no personnel or budget to enforce laws or monitor operations, the same way Puerto Mio was given permission to screw up Zihuatanejo's bay by building their jetty; the same jetty a current PRD mayoral candidate promised to "remove stone by stone" 6 years ago, only to betray the ecologists who voted for him by not only defending Puerto Mio but promoting a cruise ship pier just like his PRD successor did. It would appear the "party of the poor" isn't what they claim to be and its politicians possess all the same traits (if not worse) as their predecessors whom they so doggedly criticized.

Just today another ambush and multiple shootings were reported in the sierra Coyuca de Catalán in the heart of the region where the logging continues. The government has done less than nothing to attend to this problem but instead has been an accomplice to the ongoing violent crimes being committed almost daily against families, communities and their natural resources. Families and entire communities continue being killed and displaced by caciques and their pistoleros, often accompanied by police and soldiers, in order to gain control of their lands, clear their forests, and plant poppies and pot without being bothered by potential witnesses.

This type of social injustice led to an uprising in Guerrero by a schoolteacher named Lucio Cabañas in the early 70's who was later murdered by the authorities in a manner remeniscent of the betrayal and murder of Emiliano Zapata. Currently excavations are taking place down the coast a little ways to try to find bodies of some of the hundreds of desaparecidos of the Guerra Sucia of that period (which continues to this day). The police at all levels as well as the army are implicated in some of Mexico's worst atrocities that took place in our state in the 70's and 80's, yet to date justice has yet to be seen and impunity reigns as mightily as ever in Guerrero. So the illegal logging will continue, the caciques will remain in control, and the forests will continue to disappear. This is the unfortunate but continuing reality in today's Guerrero.

¡Viva Lucio Cabañas!

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