troncones trip report --july 4 - july 19

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Escrito por colorado boy desde ( el día domingo, 20 de julio, 2008 a las 22:03:08 horas :

it has been a long 16 months since we had visited troncones. this is our fourth trip in four years to visit troncones.

people - my wife jenny, myself wes, three-year old son noah, six-month baby bode and my sister in law christy.

flights - booked through hotwire. i checked airfares for a month before i booked and hotwire was by far the cheapest (the airlines websites for the exact same flight was more expensive). going down - denver to dallas, dallas to mexico city, then mexico city to zihua on american airlines. going home - zihua to phoenix, then phoenix to denver. all flights on time. paid $452/per person with taxes.

rental car - booked through hertz website. had a compact car but was given a jeep wrangler 4 door for 5 dollars more a day. that was a no brainer. $527 total with insurance for 15 days.

lodging - we stayed at casas gregorio. that is the only place that we have stayed at. this is the first year that we stayed in one of the casas. absolutely perfect for all of us. renee and santa keep the place looking perfect day after day. i have to say that now having coming twice in the rainy season and twice in the dry season, that the rainy season is what we prefer. the hills are so lush and green. no dust. ernesto was there when we arrived and had cold beer waiting in the fridge. it is great to see ernesto year after year. he is the heart and soul of casas gregorio (if not the whole town of troncones). my three year old son was like a fish in water at the pool. it was fun watching him swim and play.

surfing - every morning i went and surfed la boca rivermouth. most days it was about 4 to 6 foot, with the biggest days at 8 to 10 foot. i only saw one other person surfing there the whole time. i usually go to the ranch to surf but i have found this place to be peacefull, not better. to be able to paddle out and surf empty, perfect waves and not to have the thought of another person in my sight is wonderful. in the afternoon/evening i would then surf the beachbreak right out front of casas gregorio. nice short hard-breaking waves. the thought of sharks did cross my mind but you must remember that you are in their environment. i was not afraid to enter the water at all.

food - we ate at all of the usual places that are open this time of the year. but there was a new place that has open up that i would recommend. it is a pizza place called anthony's pizza. it is in "downtown" troncones.

beer - 27 cases of SOL. plus beer everytime we went out to eat.

we are already looking forward to next year. once again, thanks ernesto, for everything. see you next year!!!

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