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Escrito por Frostbite desde ( el día jueves, 31 de julio, 2008 a las 13:06:59 horas :

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At the risk of seeming a tad defensive: I am one of the "thousands of homeowners who don't live here". If I said that I wasn't concerned for our investment, I'd be lying. But we most certainly are concerned for the health of the community. Aside from providing about 8 months employment to an architect/contractor and his construction crew in addition to plumbers, electricians and painters, we offer ongoing employment to a manager, maid and gardener. In addition, we have donated - and quite generously, I might add - to several local causes and individuals and expect to continue to do so in the future. Until we built our own place, we always stayed at a locally owned posada and we do most of our shopping at the smaller stores and encourage our guests to do likewise. We don't swim with dolphins and we don't roar around on 4-wheelers. I, like undoubtedly many others, would love to be in a position to spend more time there, but most of us are not able to move there permanently and/or marry into a local family.

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