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Escrito por Emmet Marshall II desde ( el día domingo, 03 de agosto, 2008 a las 12:55:43 horas :

Well, we just got back from another great trip to Mexico. This was a combination of birthdays, running around, and checking construction. We arrived in Z on a Saturday evening from Seattle and it was hot! I was very surprised by the size of the waves in the bay. We spent two nights at Brisas del Mar (great place to stay - our second trip there). Sunday's festivities in town were great. On Monday we drove to Patzcuaro for two nights at the Mansion Iturbe. We had not been there since 2000 and brought two friends with us. The new road made a quick trip of it (three hours but we all decided we could make millions by starting a map making company and a signage company - we could not figure out where the highway started as one map indicated La Union, the man at Pemex told us to go back to Z, and finally, at the agricultural check they said "six more kilometers"). What an experience driving on the new highway was. I have driven quite a bit in Mexico but this was the first time I have encounted the shoulder driving required to allow for passing. It was exhilerating.

Once in Patzcuaro the memories of this quaint, historic town came flooding back. The cool, mountain air was a much needed respite from the heat and humidity of Z. We met a couple new transplants to Patzcuaro(one from Oregon and one from Seattle). While in Patcuaro we had great food (lunch at Cha Cha Cha was great), took the water taxi to the island (a bit too touristy for our liking yet something one must do), and just walked around town. We could have used two more days to explore the nearby towns.

On our third day in Patzcuaro we made the drive back to Troncones. We stayed at La Mariposa and had two more couples join us. This is a great place to stay for four couples. It is open and has a great pool. It is on the northern end of Manzinillo Bay so you can swim in the pool or just walk right down and swim in the ocean.

In Troncones we ate at the usual spots: El Burro for birthday dinners (and an evening swim in the storm), the Inn at Manzinillo Bay, pancake breakfast at Present Moment Retreat, and the highlight, tacos at Ruffi's (inland one block from the Burro).

For something new we went on a kayaking trip with Alejandro (and his niece and nephew). That was a fun trip up the La Union river and then out to the ocean. Alejandro is great and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for a kayaking trip and we can't wait to go on his hiking excursion next time.

The house in Troncones is coming along nicely and should be done by Christmas. We have yet to come up with a name.

We were nervous (and met many other folks who were nervous - Gilbert and Brook from LA on their honeymoon) about the sharks so never got in much past our waists. That did not keep people from surfing at Manzinillo Bay where they surfed all morning, during the day, and evening. Our fears will subside over the coming years.....Assuming no more attacks.

I've decided July is a great time to visit the area. It is much less crowded and the evening storms are fantastic. Three of our five night's in Troncones were spent watching the lightning shows. The other nights were spent watching the stars.

Thanks very much to all who contribute to this board. It is very much appreciated.

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