Great trip - as usual - one regret

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Escrito por Travelin' man desde ( el día domingo, 03 de agosto, 2008 a las 17:51:14 horas :

Well once again a wonderful time in Zihua. Could the food be any better? Views nicer? People more friendly? Always a good time. One thing was very disappointing though, and that was Elvira's. That place opened in 1956 and I have been hanging out there for about a third of that time, sitting at the bar watching a small slice of the world walk by. Always had fun and of course good food and drinks.

But now it seems Elvira is 91 years old and not of good health - she doesn't have her personal hand on things these days. In her absence the place has become a den for time share nonsense, actual scams too not the legit stuff. You find the tables are being used for presentations rather than dining, and the 'barker' out front, Jose, is running some kind of scam to take money and shrug his shoulders afterwards. Selling lunch packages on Isla Ixtapa, fishing trips in Cabo...

It's a shame to see this happen to such a well established place, and I sure hope Elvira has family that will step in and clean up the place, return it to what it has always been. Keep the junk like this in a booth in Ixtapa and out of Zihuatanejo.

But hey - one thing out of hundreds of great things! So I'm seeking perfection...I'll settle for another bowl of Ceviche!

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