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Escrito por Gringo Viejo desde ( el día miércoles, 06 de agosto, 2008 a las 18:31:15 horas :

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We rented a car for two days with Hertz (like always, reserve online for best rates, Hertz includes liability policy of $35,000 US with each contract at no charge and our credit card covered the collison/comp). One day was spent going down thru Papanoa and then turned off S. of Papnoa to the Vicent de Guerro naval base. The turn off is a little tricky-it is where rte 200 turns sharply to the left. Thru some villages a short distance and there is the naval base. You can see it plainly on google earth. The naval base is not much but go on past it and there is a small resort and beach on the S side of the peninsula that is kind of fun. We had breakfast at the Papanoa Hotel, the big one on the hill, and it was good. Lunch at the small cafes on rte 200 where the hiway is up high on the cliffs. Fun, fun, fun. Second day went to La Union. Both were easy day trips.

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