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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 14 de agosto, 2008 a las 15:11:45 horas :

En respuesta a: PS escrito por LadyM - desde ( el día jueves, 14 de agosto, 2008 a las 14:24:51 horas :

Ah, that's where we begin to see more clearly the evidence of politicians and the power of the ejido. No ejido land has been successfully invaded by any of the squatters that I'm aware of. In each case the ejidos have protected their land with or without the help of the "responsible authorities" or Mexico's "justice system". Ejiditarios anywhere in Mexico simply don't tolerate that nonsense, which is why there are occasionally very violent responses to such attempts reported in the media every so often.

Regarding the political connection, notice that there are zero squatters in all of Ixtapa. Amazing, no? And no squatters appear to be interested in any lands that are much more apt for the purpose of building a home, such as in Coacoyul or Colonia del Aeropuerto or Barrio Nuevo or Barrio Viejo or Posquelite. No, they want hillside bayview property in Zihuatanejo, even if they don't even have a job (though squatting could almost be considered a "profession" here in Mexico). And now that many of them have received titles to the once-protected lands there are many new hillside lots for sale. Hmmmmm.... but I thought they needed a place to live? Something sure stinks!

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