'Nuther Typical Zihuatanejo Day

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-189-179-120-130.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día viernes, 22 de agosto, 2008 a las 20:53:53 horas :

Went to bed last night with no water and no cable TV and woke up to same. This morning after my wife called and threatened to come to their office, the water company (who has been diverting water to the squatters camps where the party in power has been campaigning this week) got water to downtown turned on by about 9 or so, and the cable TV started working soon afterwards. Great! First shower in 3 days and at least we could watch the Olympics while we washed ALL THOSE DISHES!

Bought cooking gas and drinking water from the respective trucks that pass by daily, and we're on a roll now!

Then around 2 PM the wind started blowing close to hurricane strength, filling businesses and homes and everyplace else with sand and dust. I imagine that some places fronting the open ocean suffered wind damage. That's how strong it was. Plants and hanging laundry went flying and then the power blinked... and went out for the next three and a half hours! Good thing there was a breeze. Wouldn't have been able to take a siesta comfortably otherwise.

But now we have all our services once again, the plants are back in place, the laundry taken in, beds shaken out, floors swept up, and we're back in business. All in all, just another typical day in Zihuatanejo! =)

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