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Profepa procedes against company for filling mangrove area of Petatlan

The PROFEPA has begun only administrative proceedings (translator’s note: not criminal ones) because ‘they were not caught in the act’

Francisca Meza Carranza (correspondent)
Zihuatanejo, 23 of August.

The Federal Attorney’s Office for the Protection of the Environment (PROFEPA) initiated administrative proceedings against the company Desarrolladora Imperias SA de CV for filling with tepetate part of the wetland zone bordering the lagoon of Potosi in Petatlan. With respect of the charge made by the fishermen of the zone that since Monday they began with this activity, the spokesperson for the region Costa Grande ( tn: of PROFEPA), Justo Villa Villa, assured that the office he represented was aware and that he himself would be testifying.

Despite this he stated that there had been no action taken because they were awaiting the arrival of personal of the delegation from Acapulco and he justified further that nothing was done since the beginning of the filling because no one had al3rted them about what was happening.

Since Friday afternoon, he indicated, employees of PROFEPA arrived at the zone and initiated the complaint against the company represented by the Architect Roberto Mario Guala.

He considered that the impacted area was minimal because they had scarcely begun the (tn: road construction) work and only had covered an area a little more than 500 meters long and 4 meters wide intended as a road.

He argued that only administrative proceedings had been initiated (tn:not criminal ones) because the full was already there (done) and it will be the Justice Department that determines the situation of the case.

The road is built next to the hill by the company Desarrolladora Imperiad in order to arrive to the area belonging to the family Garibo Vargas and that has been in dispute for more than a year.

This past 7th of August, workers led by Roberto Mario Guala obstructed the passage to the land on the side of the hill that faces the ocean in order to impede entrance to the family.

On this occasion rocks were placed along with Huizache branches with thorns across the Federal Zone.

Those affected have claimed that the Argentine and his workers were being protected by the Tourist Police of Petatlan.
They argued that upon finishing their regular work in the zone, the police remained there in order to intimidate the family and they did not try to stop the construction.

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