The bells, bells, bells...actually just the noise

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Escrito por Hunter-MX desde ( el día domingo, 31 de agosto, 2008 a las 14:48:11 horas :

So it starts at 5:30 am every morning. There is a taxi stand below my apartment. Three to four taxis and any time there is some one walking that they can see, beep beep, as though we all don't know there are taxis there for us.

Next at 6:45, the calvary charge at full volume...GAS! GAS!! We all know the phone number by heart hearing it over and over. They circle the apartments, two or three companies, like predatory fish.

About 7 am the various food sellers start, all yelling, all circling again and again. Boleos!! Pescado filetes!! Pollo!!! Queso y cremas!!!!

About the same time the water hawkers swoop in...AGUA!! Agua Santorini, Agua Tropical, Agua Aquin. They are an all day thing. You could never want for drinking water here more then 15 minutes.

The neighbors, God bless them. How do they know that I was sitting here thinking that I needed some music in my life right now, and what a coincidence they know exactly what I want to hear and at levels that literally cause my front door to vibrate. Gosh I love 'em.

Two to three times a day the scrap metal buyers with their loud speaker powered POS truck, a long and loud dissertation on all the junk they will buy from you.

Ahhhh, thank god for Democracy. All the candidates have equally loud and annoying vehicles passing day in and day out touting there respective rhetoric. If I could vote, it would be for the one that is the quietest.

Hooray for the youngin's, the circus is in town. How do I know. Because 5 or 6 times a day they scream at me to buy tickets for 20 pesos each and what the show times are.

Directly below our apartment and also across the street are two taco stands. How convenient you might think. Well they sell tripas, carnitas, bistek etc. All of which requires a great deal of chopping. They open about 7 pm and start. They are rhythmic artists to watch and hear...but not all night. chop chop chop pause chop chop chop pause...They close between 12 and 1 AM.

There are some teen boys that have scooters. How they pack so much stereo equipment on a little freakin' scooter without it vibrating apart or draining the battery is beyond me. There are a couple of songs very popular in Mexico right now. If I don't get to hear them at least 3 times a day at ear bleeding volume then somehow my life is empty.

So quiet time starts right around 1:30 am when the big metal doors of the tacarias come crashing down and I get a blissful 5 hours of sleep till it all goes back to the top of the page again...Viva Mexico!!

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