Amazing happening- 106 and 112.

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Escrito por Lady M in Zihua desde ( el día domingo, 07 de septiembre, 2008 a las 00:41:19 horas :

Tonight Judi and I went to Casa Bahia for our last dinner together as Judi is returning to OK tomorrow. We has calamari and charros for starters. Then I had Walt's salsbury steak and Judy had a pasta dish. We enjoyed the breeze, the food, and the view.

When we left we took a cab down to the pier and then we walked down to Arcadia to have a drink and for Judi to say adios to some of her friends there.

Walking back to the house we came by the area on the beach that the soccer tournament is going on. There in the middle of the soccer field area was a turtle and she was laying her eggs. About 30 people were there watching. The firemen came and when the turtle was finished with her tiresome ordeal she went back to the water and they collected the eggs. 106 eggs.

As we were watching the turtle almost reach the water is when the more amazing thing happened. Here came another turtle out of the water and she went about 30 feet from where the other one had laid her eggs. By this time 5 Marines had arrived and the firemen left and the Marines took over the watch. The crowd was thinning out by the time the second turtle was finished laying her eggs. The "in charge" marine picked up the turtle and turned her toward the water and then he gathered the eggs while the rest of the people there took pictures of and encouraged the turtle to get into the water. 112 eggs.

One of the more exciting things I have seen of Mother Nature and while I was watching all this happen I called home and gave my husband, Paul, a blow by blow of what he was missing. I took lots of pictures so he will get to see what I was so excited about when I get them on the computer.

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