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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día miércoles, 17 de septiembre, 2008 a las 21:59:12 horas :

En respuesta a: BIG NEWS escrito por Billy desde ( el día miércoles, 17 de septiembre, 2008 a las 19:21:13 horas :

Desarrolladora Turistica Interad A.C. de a Mexican corporation for tourism development (read BIG tourism development). The representative is an Argentine Architect. Who are the controlling shareholders? That would take a little research (not that much) to know. The members don't have to be Mexican nationals. I don't know since I haven't done that research or seen it. But I did see it quoted in an article in the Jornada (a respected Mexican newspaper) that it was a Japanese company (not explained in the article).

They have not started anything legal and right now it's quiet as far as I know. I mean they have had to stop that 'road construction' and the machete toting fishermen protecting the Garibos family (who are the actual owners of the contested land) are on the case tearing down chain link fence as fast as the invading architects can put them up when strangely required court appearances (of the family) where the judge doesn't show up give them a convenient opening in time to put those chain link puppies up and the local police forget who they are supposed to protect - invaded or invaders! It does get confusing I'm sure.

To explain a little...The company claims to hold title to a property to which title has known by everybody in the community to be held by a family named los Garibo since 1961 on the Hill of Guamilule. They also claim to hold the concession to many meters of Federal Zone which border other people's private property (much to the surprise and disagreement of those owners). But that fails to be held up in court, one finds out with a little research.

They have applied for that Federal Zone concession, but it is in court contested... and apparently has NOT been awarded to them as they claim. Bluff, bluff.

They seem to be attempting to obtain lands (by coercive force) that they have not been able to obtain legally for various reasons. In this noble endeavor, they began some road construction on top of protected wetlands (involving a little illegal filling apparently) but were stopped by the government agency who is charged with environmental protection PROFEPA.

So as time moves on in this unhappy telenovela, it appears they have not been able to prove ownership of the contested land. That would make sense since we all know it belongs to the Garibos. But since they were ableto do some of those ... you know... 'paper navigating' this is still being disputed in the courts and I suspect will not end easily or soon.

Meanwhile they are also trying to get further lands that have not yet been mentioned here. The flying voice has it that that includes the salinas and all the way to the river of Petatlan over in Valentin. If you are to embody greed, why not do it big?

Maybe they have never had a euphoric camping experience in the wilderness. They see a map and in their eyes shine images of currency. What's a park? What's the chain of ecological effects? Maybe they paid someone to write that biology paper. Can money be made by paying attention to such things?

What's more, they are not the only irons in the fire with a plan to end up with the hotly contested future money making 'stuff' oh... I mean important ecologically protected wetlands.

Barely noticed is that this land and the land surrounding it is owned by people already living there - a community in fact of fishermen. They don't count in those kinds of board room mentalities as being real in particular. Their culture is not seen to be of any value of course. Easily intimidated, fooled and bought off... out of the way easy as pie. (Or that's what they expect.)

How many irons are actually behind the curtains thinking to get their imagined booty out of La Barra? Time will tell us. Don't be surprised though.

Here's the thing... some time ago there was discussion on this board about a government plan for touristic development for La Barra de Potosi (one of 6 major planned developments between Ixtapa and Acapulco, basically covering the entire Guerrero coast with golf courses). We've had a copy of this plan for several years. All of this happens to correspond perfectly with what we see on that plan. None of this is news.

This planned development would involve 6,500 rentable rooms replacing where you now see the village, the charismatic enramadas, the sacredly beautiful Hill of Guamilule, the fishermen tossing those round nets upon the lagoon while standing up in their brightly painted wooden boats. Instead you would see speed boats moving in and out getting to their villas (need I say villas not belonging to the fishermen now living here?), a bridge connecting across the lagoon, a pier (for cruise ships! and 150 50 ft yaghts, lots of expensive shops, restaurants just like any other mega-development and with the same cloned merchandise, culture etc that has a fancy for placing the destroyed culture in the shop windows in ceramic or corn husk immortality, a developed edge of the lagoon where there were once mangroves, golf courses green expanses of chemically maintained expanses where there were once ecologically critical dunes all around etc etc etc ad naseum. This company simply has the intention to get in there and be 'the ones' that do this fabulous ecological and cultural pillage. Other wait in the wongs hoping to get their chance. Some tell themselves they will make it 'ecological' perhaps. Ummm hum.

It's the usual not-so-creative concept of squeezing money out of the land without any concern for the effects on it (and the connecting chain of ecosystems) or anyone or the future - and least of all of course the people who live there now.

We'll see what develops. As we know this particular company tried to get in and 'be the ones' in the development around the projected 'cruise ship pier' in the Zihuatanejo bay (what a historic design concept that was!) which failed due to local resistance to that plan.

Still surprising to Goliath how David can actually succeed, though it does happen. We know it does indeed! So time will tell what happens in La Barra de Potosi.

Perhaps it will be a surprise to that line-up of hungry investors standing behind Imperad and other Imperial-ist tending hungry restless don't quite know what to do with their talents except tear up beautiful things to make more money. It's an illness you know.

I wish them well... not well the way they think, but the real 'well'. So that they might feel what it feels like to be free of that greed. What might love of the earth feel like? Respect for others, caring for the larger good? What might that kind of life and being feel like? I wish them to be free of those illnesses that blind them in the way they are blinded. I wish them to experience tranquility and awareness of the beauty of the earth. I wish them to feel the meaning of protecting this thing we live on and having some respect for people. So I wish them well. I wish the Hill of Guamilule well. Barra de Potosi and all the people who live here - I wish them well and a long life here learning more and more to care for this place. Learning why sustainability is not a luxury but the only sane way to live... the only way to prosper and that respect for other cultures is the only way to not be ultimately left dry in total boredom.

Oh... did I mention that this mega-project obsession is global suicide? We must 'just say no' at some point and that point would be where we are. So we do what we can here in Barra de Potosi.

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