Waterfalls in the Mountains

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Escrito por Lady M in Zihua desde (dsl-189-147-63-12.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día lunes, 22 de septiembre, 2008 a las 00:05:37 horas :

Today was a special day for lots of people who went to the waterfalls up in the mountains. A Mexican family was nice enough to take me along on this adventure. I had been to the farm we went to before, but when we left there things got a little harder. Let me say that the road was next to impossible and I was happy that I was not in the drivers seat. And by the end of the day there it had rained and the red clay base to the road had really gotten slick and some vehicles had to make more than one try to get up several of the hills we had gone down. They were making these runs while trying not to drag high center or go off the bank on one side or the other. Some of the drop offs were several hundred feet down.

When we arrived at the waterfall area there were already 5 other vehicles "all 4 wheel drives" there and I guess there were probably 30 or more people there. Along with the three vehicles of people that were with us there were another another 20 to fill the pools of water. They and we were drinking, eating, and in general celebrating this wonderful area.

I am not really good at figuring distances but I would say the steepest waterfall was probably 30 to 40 feet tall. One crazy (and I did see him drinking mescal) individual jumped from the top of that waterfall into the natural deep pool below, and did not even kill himself. He was the only one that showed any interest in jumping that far.

Kids were using the rocks as slides and were sliding into the rapid water and going through three rapids and deep pools before getting out and running back to do the same adventure over again. And the water was cold. Cold as any water I ever was in and I am talking about spring fed creeks in Northern Arkansas when I was a kid growing up. Of course, being cold did not seem to make any difference to all the people swimming, playing, and sliding in the water.

When we got back to the farm we all had fresh tamales, coated with cream and cheese, and corn on the cob along with some fresh meat we had supplied earlier in the day. A couple of the women who did not want to enjoy the day in the icy water had stayed behind and cooked for all the ones who had played away the day. Another group of relatives had arrived while we were gone so there were another 9 people in on this meal. Seems like gathering at the farm, milking cows so we have fresh milk, gathering corn from the field, and making a day of it is a regular happening with different groups of this family. I feel very fortunate to be included in these kind of outings. I think I heard there is something else planned for next weekend...........

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