Vacation in Paradise

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Escrito por Paul desde ( el día miércoles, 05 de noviembre, 2008 a las 14:32:21 horas :

We arrived in "Z" on the 22nd of Oct for 3 nights at Hotel Casa Aurora just a couple of blocks from everything and then went over to Pacifica to enjoy our Aqua Unit for 7 days-normally we go out most nights but this time stayed at the resort for our meals except 1 time to Ruebens for their hamburger and shopping. We were really surprised how good their nightly shows have become. Sat. we checked out and went back to Casa Aurora for 2 nights. It appears I caught a virus. Our return flight home was miserable. When we got up to leave the Chicago area I was in really bad shape for our drive back to the Lexington Area- we had planned on spending one more day in Chicago to visit family. Well today it is unreal all the medicine they put me on- because of type, very little was covered by our drug plan and I can not drive while I am on the one with Codeine.
Oh well that's life. Can't wait the end of Feb 2009 when we go down for 1 week and then return the last week of Oct and first week of Nov 2009. Both flights from Ixtapa to Chicago had a lot of coughing- IF YOU COME DOWN WITH YOUR RIB CAGE HURTING and fever/chills, go to the doctor as soon as possible.
If we did not have pets, a shop and my wife's addiction to her grown daughters and grand kids we would stay longer in the winter months.
We're hoping to fly into Morelia to visit the butterflies and then take the express bus that Sat. morning to Ixtapa on the Oct visit down and stay in Patzcuaro and the Econ Hotel (which we love).

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