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Escrito por KR desde ( el día sábado, 08 de noviembre, 2008 a las 16:17:50 horas :

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>> Once again you track down the best places! <<

Well, gracias carnalito.... BUT..... these distinct treasures are "the best places" ONLY to folks like US!! By the shere rampant development from (once tranquil) Brucerias ALL THE WAY NOW to Punta Mita with HUGE, Modern Mega Resort Highrise vaca complexes, it is very safe to say that WE are unfortunately in the WAAAAY 'minority' for even seeking-out (let alone appreciating!) such sleepy, non-service-oriented places (to "hide"!)!

But JFTR, there are very FEW 'fisherman' in San Pancho these days.... Apparently, the locals seem to feel that selling their ancestral lands to foreigners (at U.S. PRICES!) yeilds sufficient cash to simply kick-back and buy fresh fish from the fishermen/vendors out of Guayabitos, and shrimp/oysters out of San Blas!

And while the Hotel Costa Azul was definitely "pretty", we just couldn't find "value" in their $150 USD p/nt rate..... in a place like that! We quickly found a newly renovated, comfortable-n-clean little home right off the main drag for a third of that daily rate! And with dorado/huachinango at 80 pesos per kilo, we'd simply Q-up or empanizada "a quick kilo", then walk down to the palapas on the main square to sit, eat and watch the sunsets.....

Yeah, safe to bet bank that NOBODY does filetes empanizada or mojo-de-ajo like Cely! And the friendly folks at the 'south palapa' there would provide us with ample portions of beans, rice, tortillas and GREAT accompanying salsas..... for pennies!

We definitely enjoyed our stay there, as 3 nights of local area Dia de Los Muertos festivities were a musica ranchera Heaven...... TODO En Vivo!

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