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Escrito por KR desde ( el día domingo, 09 de noviembre, 2008 a las 12:43:41 horas :

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>> Yelapa..... yet another secret blasted open by a road! <<

Well, Yelapa was never really "a secret"..... it was (and still is!) just a bit timely to get to for the “average” tourist by an hour's+ panga jaunt E/W. Only difference these days is that are simply more pangas and larger craft going there as the beach restaurant/hotel services have been greatly increased by the local residents to attract increased tourism (primarily large group day trips from anchored cruise ship passengers).

The rather DRAMATIC increase in private home building along the smaller bays to BOTH the north and the south of Yelapa (towards Boca) has also greatly increased the demand for more frequent water taxi service. In fact, there are many homes there now that are actually accessed ONLY BY boat, often taking a private launch over to Yelapa, then larger water taxis into either PV, or to a new parking area built exclusively for those MULTIPLE home owners at the La Jolla Mismaloya hotel grounds.

But, at least THAT new "road" is still very, VERY tough to navigate, as it is crudely graded dirt over unavoidably and really rocky jungle terrain, which both over-grows and erodes fairly quickly. While it certainly requires a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, it is also a meandering road that services a number of smaller villages via unmarked ‘Ts’ and ‘Ys’. ISR, it is sort of a tricky ride with unknown turns, hence primarily used by only local folks with little faint of heart (and full knowledge of the "right turns"!)!

Its ALL still lovely though, as any "real" roads are certainly many years away......!

And Oh, we visited a really pretty jungled eatery spot upriver from Boca called "Chico's Paradise" along a beautiful granite gorge with cascading waterfalls. It was a beautiful series of terraced dining patios under an enormous and multi-gabled palapa..... Friendly folks, fabulous grilled carne asada et al, and a very mellow stop for a scenic breakfast...... WELL before the cruise ship passenger day trip VANS arrived!! (;-D

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