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Escrito por Lady M desde (?) el día miércoles, 19 de noviembre, 2008 a las 00:59:49 horas :

The WHO? for me has changed over the years. First I went to Zihua to visit with my parents, Jim and Lorene Wingard. They loved Zihua and living there; and loved even more then I came for visits. We always had great adventures. All my friends could never understand why I was always "going to see my Mom and Dad".

Then it was definitely the beach boys. Those hot bodies in their small bathing suits hanging at the beach just waiting for the unsuspecting female tourists. (wink, wink) We were dancing the nights away at places like the Chololo, the wedding parties on the pier, the city dances on the basketball court, as well as blocking whole streets off just to p a r t y. It was always a new experience and ever changing beach boys. (Ask Luis Marcel)

Then for one year it was all the guys who worked as waiters and bus boys at the Captains Table. They were all eager to learn English to help with their jobs and they definitely wanted to please Luz Maria (the owner) and my Mother who was the "director of public relations". I would be there at night helping them with their English and laughing and visiting when they were not just swarmed under with customers. They definitely worked at the most popular restaurant of the time and it was fun knowing them all.

Then I fell in love with a family at Las Gatas. They were a hard working and harder playing bunch. A restaurant owner and diver with a family that grew to three boys. We swam, snorkeled, fished, and played in the days. Then at night we ate, drank, and played some more. This family has stayed as my good friends over the years.

Time passed and the trips were more frequent to Zihua and then I found a new WHO? reason to be there. His picture hopefully is at the top of this post and his name is Julian. From the day he was born he stole my heart. He and I have a special bond and we do all the things that I would have one day done with a Grandchild. He is the Grandson of that hard working family from Las Gatas. Time has a way of changing lots of things, but the Love of and for the people in Zihua has never changed. Hopefully as time goes on I will meet and come to love other people in this special town.

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