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About los Garribo and their struggle against the Imperad... it's a bit shocking how unskillful this attempted swindle has been effected. It would appear unlikely that they have a chance to continue with any success given that there are people on it now watching and working.

We must be aware of course, that there are others... perhaps more skillful... waiting in line after them, thinking to do essentially the same thing in their own way.

About the anthropological protection... que viva!!

Ever since I read last summer about the discoveries at La Chole indicating this possibility, I'd hoped this might soon come about. This is good news...might lead to great news.

As I remember, from reading about it last summer, el Cerro de Guamilule all the way to Juluchuca should be included in this area which is thought possibly to be the site of a city - not an outpost - the center of a civilization predating even the Olmeca!

This is possibly a very serious development in the anthropological history of Mexico. Let's hope it turns out to be as important as this implies.

In an artful irony... it just might save the modern day coastal area - just the area we've always felt deserved to be protected as an eco-reserve of some kind.

Again, thanks for staying on top of these news releases about La Barra and posting them here!

Hasta pronto,

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