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Escrito por Idaho Red desde (dsl-189-186-23-176.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día viernes, 28 de noviembre, 2008 a las 21:44:17 horas :

After leaving the Cluster in Obregon BB and I spent some time in Navajoa, seemed like a nice enough town. Some obvious prosperity from the looks of the new construction in town. I assume this is due to the abundance of agriculture evident in the surrounding area. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of the agriculture from Obregon South thru Culiacan. Mexico should have no problem feeding it's citizens with such fine farmland in abundance. Much nicer than I have seen further South along the West coast in areas like Guerrero or Oaxaca.

The pace of life and friendliness were much better in Navajoa and down the road in Huatabampo. Note: the Hotel Finca Real in Huatabampo is a good value at $400P per double, however, the restaurant is a pass. Couriosity took us down the road to the playa at Huatabampito where there are at least 100 homes spread along the beach. At a minimum half were abandoned and left to the elements. I was having a hard time trying to figure out why such once nice buildings were going to waste until we stopped for BB to take the dog for a walk. Within 45 seconds she was running back to the car swatting at the mosquitos and knats with a vengence. In the same timeframe the entire car filled with more biting critters that took the rest of the day to get blown out the windows. San Blas may have the reputation of being buggy but Huatabampito is easily a close second!!!

Los Mochis was our next stop on the highway South; another prosperous looking town with friendly locals. We went on down the road to Topolobampo before looking for a hotel, the only one in town we could find was the Hotel Marina which could use some maintenance and TLC but did fine for a couple of nights at $400P again. Topo is a unique little town built mainly on the sides and top of a small mountain overlooking the Port facilities where you can catch the ferry to La Paz. I don't think I would bother to venture there again but it was worth the time to explore another one of Mexico's coastal pueblos.

Tonight we are in Culiacan, following Robertos! advice and staying at the Hotel El Mayo. Nice facility and restaurant. After strolling around seeing the sights this afternoon, La Jeffa wanted to find a cerveza so we looked around until we found the Bar Guayabos about 2 blocks North and 1 block East from the hotel. Great time was had by all; 14 pesos for Bohemia obscuras and the food being served looked and smelled wonderful, even though we filled up on cerveza and did not partake I would not hesitate to go again for a meal. A group of Old timers were providing live brass band music which was hard on the dogs ears but certainly added to the fun afternoon.

On to Mazatlan tomorrow for a couple of weeks. An old favorite for the wife and I, spent some time there on our honeymoon, who knows, maybe I can get lucky again! Red

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