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Escrito por KR desde ( el día sábado, 29 de noviembre, 2008 a las 17:48:17 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: What do you DO??? escrito por Hunter-MX desde ( el día sábado, 29 de noviembre, 2008 a las 14:30:19 horas :

That’s no kinkajou, mate (like the above foto). Although, THOSE (beautiful!) little buggers are equally VORACIOUS eaters too....! The Problem is that they both NEVER eat an entire piece of fruit, but “nibble” a bit, then move on to the NEXT ONE (leaving the penetrated fruit open to insects.... or ALL OVER the grass below!).

ISR, the tlacuaches that inhabit our grounds here in Guanajuato have certainly pushed my ‘creative talents’ to The Max! Fine-Tuning the chicken wire cage around the trunk became a real trick in achieving the operative design in protecting the fruit, while STILL maintaining a definite ‘aesthetic appeal’ to the overall ‘look’ (which was hidden as much as possible, as they can be seen from 4 floors). And while tlacuaches are no marsupial, those mongrels apparently can “jump like a Willis in 4-wheel drive”!! This year’s design has proved A Winner.... all around.

But surprisingly, they have also gone after the hummingbird feeders, requiring us to relocate the ‘jugs’ to the frail ENDS of the tree branches, while lowering them another FOOT, and tying them off with heavy WIRE! I graciously leave them the bananas (which those gluttonous buggers INHALE), but they always want those damnn Peaches!

And if that weren’t enough, they’ve also apparently acquired a DEFINITE taste for PEANUTS..... which has our resident squirrels REALLY Pizzed-Off (and in daily protest now!), as the possums regularly ‘pinch their stash’ (at night!)!

And OH.... Yes.... the previous foto was of an Australian brush-tailed possum (taken at mi auntie’s in Toowoomba = The Bush). They can actually make really friendly ‘pets’ if you raise them from the time they're young.....

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