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Escrito por Idaho Red desde (customer-MZT-10-137.megared.net.mx) el día lunes, 01 de diciembre, 2008 a las 13:15:46 horas :

Mazatlan does not fail, Mexico time is beginning to southe my sole. Getting back into the proper frame of mind to better enjoy returning to a more relaxed setting takes a while for me. Not unlike shedding a heavy winter coat, the worries and stress of life in the US must be shed as well.

KR's restaurant suggestion (Las Brucas) was a certain hit! Excellent sunset to go with the view of coastline receeding towards Maz. Cold cervezas, shrimp to make you write home (or to Rob's board), prices within reason. BB sez that the Camarons Ajo are better than the La Diabla, I liked 'em both! We will certainly return, as well as checking out the nearby Pesca Restaurants.

Yesterday on the beach was perfect; light breeze, low 80's for temp, lightly populated for a weekend. Maz had their marathon race through the streets this past few days with various roads being shut down for different events. Good turn out of runners and spectators to chear them on. Of course this was also a good enough reason for the party to be ON! Seldom do Mexicans miss a good opportunity to celebarate.

After a long day we relaxed for a couple of hours at an old favorite watering hole, Joe's, near the start of the Gold Zone one way street. Tons of energy floating about, young families and singles enjoying the music, libations, and life. Tried a cross cultural language lesson with my new Mexican fisherman amigo, even if we did not learn a complete vocabulary, by the end of the visit we could agree on the cerveza being Muy Frio y Bueno.

Roberto! Thanks for the leads on hotels, etc. further South. I'm sure we will make good use of the info.

KR, we are staying at a funky old hotel near the Luna. At the North end of the beach, but B4 the marina. The Posada La Mision appears to be family run, well used and loved facility, typical of where BB and I tend to end up. We enjoy being amoung the locals and nationals. Especially traveling with La Jeffa's perro, Ruby. 20 Kilos of about 3 year old pup, 1/2 Shorthair y 1/2 Blue Tick Healer. The fancy Hotels don't want to see us, and we don't want to pay their inflated rates. Guess that makes us both winners.

Well, if this is Monday, and it's Mazatlan, then it must be laundry day! Wait! Let's let the locals earn their keep and we'll go to the Playa, better idea all around! Red

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